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Why Do You Wear Make Up TAG

Hei everyone, it's Monday again.. ~ Really, time flies so fast lately, and I must do my thesis before the deadline.. *err.. But the reality is I just too lazy to do it.. No, not because I'm lazy la :p .. Because I feel stack , don't know what must I do in the next step of doing my thesis.. Can you imagine, I must do programming that NEVER I learned before.. I must struggling with so many coding that makes me crazy.. I know maybe I'm too fast to give up, hopefully my passion to do my thesis is come back.. T_T

Enough for the intermezzo ~ ~
Today I wont post any review, or giveaway or challenge.. I want to post about Why Do You Wear Make Up Tag..
Yea, if you followed me from the first post, I never did post tag before.. Now, I want to try it, just want to feel how it is like *lalala

Yesterday when I did blogwalking, I found this make up tag here and also I found it on another beauty blogger.. But stupid me, I'm forget the link -_-
It's sound very interesting :p

Let's start ladies

Why Do You Wear Make Up Tag

Q1: When did you begin to love make up?
Hmm.. If it's mean "love", I think I started to love make up around few month ago, since I'm selling Korean brand make up.. Just imagine , everyday I look that cosmetic, read review from another beauty blogger to search how that product works when there was a customer asked me, and I looked beautiful ladies ! *err that really makes me want to try those make up.. :3
Until now, I think I'm addicted to make up :p
But since I was a child I love to make up my older sister and did her hair do.. But, you know la, like what 8 year old girls do make up.. so messy, until my sister rejected me, when I want to make up her again *LOL

make up,

Q2: How do you feel without make up?
I feel NAKED! *LOL
Don't know why, but I just realize it few days ago.. Short story, few days ago I went to the mall and didn't put any make up because I was in hurry and didn't have time to do make up even any moisturizer or BB cream.. I didn't bring my phone, wallet, my bag and only use ugly shirt.. Yea, I feel really not confident.. :3
Maybe because of my habit use make up daily, though it's just sun block or BB cream.. But I don't put any make up when I at home (Of course, who used make up when they at home :3)
Before I knew make up, I never put any make up even when I attended a wedding invitation.. I'm just too lazy to put make up just for few hours, but to do the make up I need much hours.. I also thought that women who use make up is really kittenish (in Bahasa I mean 'genit').. I always thought 'why they used make up when they go to campus? In campus we are learning, not for fashion show.. !' But now I think I know their reason *LOL
There are not a problem when women loves make up, really. Is it wrong do something that we love? We don't bother you with our make up, do we? The reality is we give you beautiful view( for boys :p) .. I think people more appreciate you when you could take care your self.. Which one you choose? Look a girl with messy hair, shabby clothes, dirty, can't take care her self or this one.. The girls who loves to treat her self (take care her self doesn't mean must use make up), the girl who can know the situation which clothes that she may use on certain condition.. The girl who could appreciate her self.. How could others appreciate you when you couldn't appreciate your self? Like I said before you not must wear make up, but at least take care what you have now.. :)

Q3: What do you like about make up?
Doing make up is just like an artist, we create something beautiful using different media (our make up stuff).. Lately, I like to made an artistic illustration on my face (you could see mine creation here and here).. I'm not a professional, I just amateur make up lover who want to learn and try something new.. I can change my face looks using make up, makes my face more tapering, or maybe makes my looks like a Korean girl *LOl .. I really want to makes my looks like a Korean girls, with natural make up but they could have the best result.. But, till now I can't do it >.<
My hobby now is play with my eyeshadow, my eyeliner :p
If you want to try learn make up, you can learn it via Youtube or another beauty blogger.. And that are free of course.. *that's why I love my internet so much :p
In Youtube you could find many beauty Gurus.. My favorite is Bubzbeauty .. First time I knew make up, I learned from her.. She show us how to do so many make up looks and also hair style.. Just take your time to watch her video..
It's easy right? You don't need spend so much money to join make up courses.. But if you have a lot of money and want to learn more about doing make up like wedding make up, that's good to join make up courses, but not for me.. It's too expensive for me >.<

Bubzbeauty img credit

Q4: Name three 'holy grail' items?
I think my 'holy grail' items are my BB cream, lip balm and eye shadow :D
BB cream and lip balm very important for me to protect my skin and my lips form UV.. I always choose BB cream and lip balm which contain SPF.. But sometimes BB cream with high SPF just makes white cast on my face :3

make up stuff,

Finally It's done .. :D
Hoaa.. I think I write too long post.. Hope you don't get bored to read my post >.<
I just wanna share my opinion, if you have your opinion that's good you could make post this tag too ;)
I tag everyone who read this post..~

thank you so much :D

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  1. jiaaah..aku juga sama suka banget sama Bubzbeauty.. michelle phan juga :p

  2. samaa.. I love Michelle Pan too :D
    But I love Bubzbeauty more :p

    Toss semuanya :D

  3. Hi!! Thanks for joining Nice to Meet You {GFC Blog Hop}! Hope to see you linking up again tomorrow :)
    Have a nice week!
    -Mariely @ Sensational Creations

  4. Hi! I nominated u here :D

  5. Love your blog! Found you through bloglovetherapy's blog hop! =)


  6. Hi I found you blog through the blog hop... hope you follow me back :-)

    I love make-up too, I didn't really start wearing it until I turned 22,now I cannot leave the house without it. Make-up makes me happy. And yes, it is such a confidence booster, especially since I have flawed skin. Enjoyed your post

  7. I love bubzbeauty juga, selain itu Michelle Phan aku juga suka. Down to earth banget mereka, <3


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