Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I Got in The Body Shop Goodie Bag

Hai everyone ^^
I wanna share about my body shop stuff.. I got this from my Mom a few days ago.. She got it when she attending grand opening a new mall in Solo :D

This is first time I try Body Shop brand actually.. :p

Here the closer look

What I got in the goodie bag :

♥ From left to right:
~ Orange shower puff
~ Satsuma Body Polish
~ Satsuma Shower Gel
~ Satsuma Hand Cleanse Gel

Can you see? All stuff dominant in ORANGE. Except the hand cleanse gel.. But it still has orange accent in the packaging :p
I loooooooooooooveeeeee orange xD
It looks very fresh :D

I wanna talk about the puff first

The puff has two colors combination : yellow and orange.. very soft and wont hurt our skin when you use it..

The second stuff is Hand cleanse gel

From the packaging, it's just like another hand sanitizer.. It's very travel friendly because of the small size.. It contains 60ml (2.0 US FL OZ) .. 
In the front packaging, you can see that this hand cleanser could to be use for travelling, family. before you eat, or after you hold any kind of animal..

How to use: drops the gel in to your palm and apply it to whole of your hand until it's dry

The price is Idr 49.000 (around 5$)

How about the smell?
I love the smell so much ! The smell is like tropical orange.. So when I used it, it makes my hand smells good and make me feel fresh xD
Love love love >.<
I'm start falling in love with this hand cleanser.. :D

♥ Pro:
Travel friendly
Smells good :D
Doesn't sticky on your hand

♥ Cons:
Quite pricey for hand sanitizer

Hand Cleanse Conclusion :
Packaging : 3/5
Texture : 5/5
Smell : 5/5

Maybe no..

I will review the body polish and the shower gel in the next post :D

Thanks for reading 
Have a blessed Sunday ^^

6 lovers:

  1. wah shower gel-nya udah nyobain? pasti seger-seger orange gitu ya hihihi

  2. barusan aja dicobaaa.. haha.. iya seger banget >.<
    wanginy enak..seger :D
    Nti aku review juga.. haha ^^

  3. ros ini line baru ya? kemaren sabtu ngintip counter tbs kok belum ada yaa >.<
    looks so fresh!

  4. wah lounching di mall mana, aku orang solo malah gak tau -_-

  5. olin:: ada kok kayanya lin.. tadi aq lewat spintas, tapi kayanya dijual nya 1 paket.. >.<

    Conietta:: Hartono mall kalo ga salah.. hihi... >.<
    iyaa.. khusus buat undangan aja kayanya hehe :D

  6. puff nya lucu yaa dua warna gituu
    kebayang bau jeruk nya pasti enak deh ^^


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