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Wonder Women for Your Pores :: Wonder Pore Clay Clear

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask

Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Clear
For you who love Korean Brand, I bet that you already knew about Wonder Pore series from Etude House.. Etude House launched many Wonder Pore product, and the best seller is the toner.. It's very great to solve your pore problem..
Today, I won't post about those toner, but I will review the Wonder Pore Clay Clear..

*Because I got the sample size, I can't talk about the packaging..

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask

See at the 'Oops!' picture.. I ever read that many bacterium lives on our pores, so keep your pores clean is very important ;)

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask
7in1 Total Pore Solution
All wonder pore series claimed that they have 7 advantage, you can see at the picture above..
I think it's great, you could get 7 advantage from 1 product ^^

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask
"I'm wonder women for your pores"
Nice quotation :D
I think why it's named wonder pore because it's like a super hero. Help us to overcome the pores problem.. Just like Spiderman who helps many peoples from monster.. *LOL

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask
The texture is creamy, just like another cream mask

How to use :

1. Clean your face from any make up.. I just cleaned my face with water, because I didn't use any make up before..

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask

2. Apply on your face until the whole face been covered.. It's very easy to apply, but you need to do it fast before it's going dry.. The cream is very fast to dry :3

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask

3. Leave the mask around 15-30 minutes.. I used it for around 20 minutes :D

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask
The mask color getting darker after you leave it around 10 minutes

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask
The mask is going very tight on my face skin.. Can you see how hard for me to smile -_- *LOL

4. It's time for clean the mask, and feel the result ^^
Make sure that you cleans the mask perfectly, because it's quite hard to remove.. When I cleaned it and my face still wet I looked in the mirror that my face was already clean.. But after my face dried, the mask still appear on my face :3

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask
I feel my face brighter after using this mask.. :p

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask
*Ignore my messy hair -_-
When I touched my face, my face turned into very smooth and very elastic >.<

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask
Closer face ~

Conclusion :
Actually this is NOT my first time using this mask, and it's work great on my skin face.. No break out, no allergy.. For the pore problem I can't tell you is it worked or not, because I doesn't have any pore problem.. But I feel that may pores getting smaller than before >.<

I love this mask, could makes my face more smooth and very elastic <3
1 sachet mask could be used around 3-4 times, depend on how much you applied it :)

Thanks for reading
Hope this could help you ^^


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  1. Hi dear! great blog post! I'm a new follower and I'd love it if you could follow back :D

  2. mau coba ah :))

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Steph :: thankss :D
    follwed yours ;)

    Medina :: ayoo cobaa.. >.< enak bikin kulit jadi kenyel haha..
    big thanks :D

  4. hi :)

    i have wonder pore toner and love it until it's itching my skin because of alcohol it contains of .. now i'm tring mal:gum line (too late eh? XD)

    followed you back ^^

  5. Vanilla :: yes, i tried it and hate the smell.. I think the smells is like 'tape' wkwk...
    Fortunately the mask doesn't have strange smell..
    I tried mal:gum too.. and I love it <3

    thank you ^^

  6. You have a lovely skin! I've been eyeing this clay mask for so long, and I'm just finishing up my Queen Helen's and most definitely I will switch to this! Great review and I enjoyed walking through your blog!

    I'm a new follower by the way. I hope you could follow me back! :)


  7. yes, you must try it ^^
    It nice to control oil on my face too ^^
    m skin as not beautiful as you said >.<

    thanks.. will following you ^^

  8. aku pakai ini juga dan enak banget setelah pemakaian.. wanginya juga aku suka.. klo dipake ada sensasi dinginnya :D

  9. waah, jd pengen coba..
    aku baru pernah pake toner nya ;D

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  10. pengen coba ini.. I have problem with big pores :/

    mau cari sample dulu tapi kok belum ketemu..

    thanks for the review!

    bantu visit post ku yaa, thanks ^^

  11. Thanks for the review, tertarik untuk coba. I have a big pores and I really want to get rid of it T_T

  12. Thanks for sharing! Its look works on you ^^

  13. waww..aku juga jd pengen cobaa hehehe


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