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The Secret of Glowing Skin Korean Peoples :: Nymph Aura Review

Hello K-Pop lovers ! \(′▽`)/
K-Pop was very booming lately on my country.. Every time and every where so much people talk about K-Drama, the boys and girls band and even the make up.. Actually I'm not really like Korean Song (because I don't understand the lyrics *LOL), but I like the people (even I don't know her/his name :p ).. I like how beautiful / handsome they are.. >.<
And of course I love Korean brand Make Up, especially Etude House.. (•ˆ⌣ˆ•)

Have you ever realize, that Korean people often use natural make up than full make up.. They only play with their eye make up, the key is eyeliner..
korean make up
image credit : google
See, how natural her make up.. But she still looks very beautiful.. I'm so envy with her beautifull skin T_T
And one thing that I wanna talk in this post is most of Korean people have glowing skin :D
Remember -> It's glowing, not oily skin >.<

If you wanna try Korean make up, I wanna tell you the secret of their glowing skin.. :D
Highlight Cream
I ever read that many MUA in Korea, blend together the BB Cream with Highlight cream to get glowing result..
Many Korean brand make up have this highlight cream.. Now, I will review from Etude one..  Nymph Aura Volumer..

nymph aura

They have 3 choice based on glowing level.. 
#1 Pure Honey Radiance
#2 Secret Pearl Radiance
#3 Transparent Water Sheen ( The newest series of nymph aura)

Maybe, many of you already know about the function and the glowing effect of this highlight cream.. But, do you still confuse which one you will buy?
So, I will swatches three of them.. Hopefully this could help you solve your problem :D

nymph aura sample
I got the sample size :D

Lets see the swatches on my hand

nymph aura

*The texture 
#1 : Gel texture and has peach color
#2 : has watery texture and shimmery pink color
#3 : gel texture like #1.. The color is like soft pink transparent

As you can see at the pict, number 2 has different texture than the others.. From the texture, I love it the most ! It didn't sticky on your face after you applied it.. When I applied number 1 and 3 on my face, it's feel very sticky and oily when I touched my face.. And I hate it -_- °\(`⌂´)/°

Blend blend blend :D

nymph aura, Etude House
Use flash

I blend the nymph aura, and this is the result :
#1 : The result is too glowing if you use for daily.. I think it's better if you use it on formal event, or a party
#2 : The most natural glowing looks.. But, if you apply it on your face, it's almost unseen.. -_-
#3 : I can't find the differences between #3 and #1.. It's almost have the same glowing level.. When I didn't use flash, #1 is the most glowing of all.. But when I use flash #3 has the highest glowing level and more shimmery..

Which one I love the most?
I love number 2 the most  :D
Even it's not too glowing but I love the texture so much.. It doesn't make my face feels sticky.. And it's suitable for daily use..  (∩ ∩) ♡
If you want to use it with BB cream, mix it together with ratio -> 3:1 -> BB cream : nymph aura..
Or you could use it to highlight your cheek bone, or nose..

So, which one you love the most? :D
Tell me.. ;)

Thanks for reading.. ^^

23 lovers:

  1. i should really check this out. looks interesting. i like the packaging :)

  2. very nice review! thanks for sharing :D

  3. aku mau beli tapi batal, lengkeetttt.....

    nice review!!

  4. misskatv :: yes, it's very interesting, and good if you wanna try Korean make up.. Unfortunately I got the sample size, so I can't tell you the packaging.. thankss :D

    rhea: thank you >.<

    sekar :: kalau menurut aku si no 1 sama 3 yang lengket, no 2 nya ga kok hehe..
    thank you ^^

  5. di aku lengket bangetttt~ mau pake in loose powder malah ilang shimmernya.. T^T

  6. haha.. samaaa.. makanya aku lebih suka ake yang No.2 .. :p

  7. Thank you for this review! I've been meaning to try such a cream so this came in handy. Etude House is one of my favourite brands too ^_^

  8. Thanks for visit my blog too cel ^^
    Yes you must try this then.. I love Etude House too.. the packaging is really cute <3

  9. klo bb cream nya ad plihan warna jg ya? Bisa nutupin jerawat ga ya kyk powder gt? Btw nice review hun :)

  10. BB cream etude smua ada pilihan warnanya hehe >.<

    kalau nymph aura ini ga bisa nutupin jerawat, cuman bikin glowing looks aja ^^
    thank you <3

  11. no.2 hasilnya bagus mungin krn teksturnya watery.. pengen nyoba... thanks reviewnya^^

  12. Iyaa.. mungkin karena lebih watery tmbang yg lain hehe..
    sama" ^_^

  13. pengen coba tapi nanti dimuka keliatan kelap kelip gitu ga? :)

  14. quinn :: ga kelap kelip kok hehe.. cuma mungkin kalo mukanya berminyak better ga pake ini, nanti jadi keliatan lebih berminyak.. hehe

  15. #1 okee banget, bisa buat dipake di hidung juga ya sbg hightlighter ^^

  16. Pengen deh nyobain ini biar muka keliatan glowing, tapi kulitku oily -___-" takutnya ntar jadi tambah kayak kilang minyak T^T

  17. kemarin nyoba ini buat shading..hihi bagusssss :D

  18. aku prefer yg #3, suka bgt sm hasilnya hehe

  19. aku udah nyoba yg #3 >.< hasilnya muka jadi glowing banget walop[un lengket. eh tapi pas dipakein bedak malah ga glowing lagi huhuhu

  20. suka yg nomer 2... tapi aku punya beberapa sample ini yg nomor 1.. jarang kupakai, kecuali kalau mau ke event tertentu.. abiiisss, efeknya itu.. hehehe..

  21. Suka yang nomer 2, soalnya prefer natural looks more ^o^

  22. wah boleh juga tuh yg no 2, natural

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