Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Mini Haul Post

mini haul,

It's time for haul post !! Yey ^^
This is my very first haul post.. :D
Actually last month, I want to post my October Haul, but I don't have any good quality camera, so I decided not to post it.. :P

So, yesterday I bought this Maybelline products on Matahari Department Store.. They still held event 'Discount 50% for second purchase' .. Actually it's not discount for your second stuff that you purchase, but the discount is apply for your cheapest stuff that you buy !

maybelline make up remover,

I run out my Make up Remover, so I decided to buy Maybelline Make up Remover eye & lips when they held an event.. Who can reject 50% discount? :P
This is not my first time bought this eye make up remover, I repurchase this for around 2-3 times.. I really love this eye and make up remover <3.. I think the price is quite cheap, around Idr 44.000 (4$) for 70ml..

maybelline watershine pure lipstick,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Face on Face :: Nourishing Loose Powder

Hi hi ^^
Pasti udah banyak dari kalian yang tahu tentang produk Face on Face.. Produk ini cukup baru di pasaran, namun peminatnya udah banyak banget loh dan ramai dibicarain sama beauty blogger lainnya.. Bukan hanya karena harganya yang murah, tapi juga kualitas nya yang ga kalah sama brand lain ^^

Face on Face,

Beberapa hari lalu, Face on Face berbaik hati buat ngirimin produk mereka untuk aku review.. ^^

Buat yang belum tahu produk apa aja yang dikeluarin sama Face on Face dan penasaran sama kualitasnya, aku bakal bahas semua produknya :D
Tapi ga jadi 1 post yaa, supaya bisa lebih detail ~

Kali ini aku mau bahas tentang Loose Powder nya terlebih dulu

Face on Face Nourishing Loose Powder


Face on Face,, Face on Face Nourishing loose powder

Packaging dari Face on Face ini smuanya dominant warna pink, dan kayanya cocok banget buat cewe :P

Face on Face,, Face on Face Nourishing loose powder

Monday, November 26, 2012

LovelyLue's Anna Sui Bonus Giveaway

Kali ini aku mau post giveaway yang cukup singkat haha.. jadi, Ci Lulu ngadain giveaway kilat.. buat yang mau ikutan bisa join di sini ^^ 

Have a lovely Monday ^^

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Review

 coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,

Hi everyone :D
As you can see above, today I will review my favorite eyeshadow " Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette ".. This eye shadow palette was very well known because of it have many colors with cheap price..!
For you who doesn't love shimmer eye shadow, Coastal Scents also provide the matte one :D
I bought this last month, when the seller held a promo 10% for selected items,and I decided to bought this one.. I want to buy this since last June, but I still confuse and finally I bought this last October to celebrate my own birthday *Yey :P
That's not a mistake gave our self presents when our special day, isn't it? :P


♥ Packaging

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,

♥ Size: 22,5 x 16 cm

Note: If you wanna buy Coastal scents Palette, make sure you found the word "Coastal Scents" on the case.. There are many seller sell fake product.. The fake one, doesn't have "Coastal Scents" on the case.. So be careful :)

~ It comes with black matte case.. The case is very simple, I'm not really like it.. Be careful if you bring this palette, make sure you don't drop it, I think the case is quite fragile..
~ The size is not too big, so it's very travel friendly.. ^^
~ It comes with a quite big mirror and 2 applicators..

♥ The texture

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Lovely Sister 1.000.000 Pageview Giveaway

Happy lovely Saturday semuanya ^^
Hari ini aku mau post tentang giveaway yang diadain sama salah satu beauty blogger lokal favorite ku :D
Giveaway ini diadain sama Eve dan Ai ni dari blog My Lovely Sister dalam rangka 1.000.000 page view! Wow.. Angka yang besar banget buat aku.. >.<
Pencapaian yang luar bisa buat Eve dan Ai ni.. ^^

Ada 3 pemenang dari giveaway ini dengan hadiah voucher belanja di dengan total 1.000.000
juara 1 : 500.000
juara 2: 350.000
juara 3: 150.000

web nya lucu banget kan ^^

Sebenernya aku udah sering berkunjung ke blog nya mereka semenjak belum jadi blogger, sering cari review di Google dan akhirnya ketemu blog nya My lovely sister ini,, Suka banget sama bahasa nya yang halus, reviewnya jelas dan design blog nya yang cantik ^^

Buat yang mau ikutan bisa cek ketentuannya di sini ya.. and wish me luck ^^v

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Product Review : L'oreal Smooth-Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask

Hi everyone :D
How you treat your hair? I love to treat my hair.. I love when my hair feels soft and easy  to regulated.. I think it's very important to treat our hair.. There are a quote that said 'Hair is a woman's crown', and I absolutely agree with that =D

Lately, my hair become dull and stiff. Yea, that's my fault too because I was not treat my hair right.. I used to changed my hair color, but I was too lazy too treat it because it's spend many time.. Dx

I will introduce you my favorite hair mask.. You could find it on your local market.. L'oreal Smooth-Intense 1 minute caring mask..

L'oreal Paris smooth intese caring mask,

The packaging is just like another creambath cream.. I love the orange color.. <3

L'oreal Paris smooth intese caring mask,

Can you see the words [Smoothing Action] ? It claimed that you will get smooth result after using this hair mask.. This mask also helps you to solve your frizzy and rebellious hair.. It's very suitable for you if you have frizzy and also dry hair..

Cat Eyes :: Lovely Lue Giveaway

Hi hi ^^
Pasti sudah pada tau kan tentang giveaway yang diadain Ci Lulu.. Buat yang belum tau bisa lihat term and condition dan juga hadiahnya di sini ^^

Untuk postingan ini, aku mau join giveaway Ci Lulu yang berhadiah Naked.. Wow, the most famous eye palette.. ! Siapa yang ga mau coba dapet hadiah si Naked ini :3


Tapi, ga segampang itu buat dapetin si Naked ini, buat join kalian harus buat Cat Eyes seperti andalannya Ci Lulu..

cat eyes,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Liebster Award

Hi everyone :D
This is my first award ! Big thanks for Alexandra from Me and My Mockingbird for nominated me  ^_^

The rules:
  1. When you receive the award, thank the person who gave it to you and post the link to his or her blog in your blog post.
  2. Then, post eleven things about yourself.
  3. Answer the eleven questions from the person who tagged you.
  4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers whose blog has less than 200 followers, and link their pages in your post.
  5. Create eleven questions for them to answer.
*don't forget to visit their blog and tell them that you nominated them!*

Eleven things about me:
1. I'm quite a shy people when I meet new people, but I'm being insane when I'm with my best friends :p
2. I love animal so much ! Sometimes I want to pet wild animals, like tiger, monkey..
3. My dreams always changed time by time.. I don't know whats my dreams now.. My last dream I want to have my own cake store one day..
4. I love baking :D I love make some cake, cookies, cupcake .. *yumm
5. I hate animal cruel ! I often read some stories from animal rescuer how cruel people treat their animal.. :<
6. Now, I'm reach my last Semester and I'm still doing my thesis.. wish me luck :D
7. I love travelling :D
8. I have one older sister, and she married two years ago.. So now, I be the only one child in my house
9. I have 2 dogs, 1 lobi-lobi, 1 rabbit and 19 hamsters
10. I have one boyfriend :p
11. My hair type is wavy messy hair -_-

Alexandra's eleven question for me:
1. In your opinion, who's the hottest guy alive?
  • hmmm.. I don't know *LOL.. 
2. Who inspires you the most?
  • Agnes Monica.. She Indonesian artist, she has multi-talents, she could prove the worlds that she could reach her dreams.. i love her quotation "Dream, believe and make it happen" 
3. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?
  • My hair :p .. I want to have wavy sexy hair :p
4. What do you think about animal cruelty?
  • That's a big NO for me.. I hate people who did animal cruelty.. I think they don't have a feeling :3
5. What's your favorite movie?
  • Hachiko, 50 first Date, Twilight series, and many more :p
6. Do you prefer a guy or a girl as a best friend? Why?
  • Guy.. I have guy and girl best friend, but I think guy more understand me.. Don't know why
7. Do you sleep with the lights on?
  • Yes.. I can't breathe when there is no light
8. What is your favorite shade of lipstick or lipgloss?
  • Nude and pink rose
9. Who was the last person you hug?
  • My Dog ! :D
10. Is there any fashion item that you don't like? If yes, what?
  • I don't like use long dress
11. Women are bad drivers, do you agree?
  • Hmm.. maybe.. Because I can't drive :p

My question for you:
1. Which one you will choose, short hair or long hair? Why?
2. Tell me three items that you can't live without it..
3. What is your favorite brand make up?
4. From who you learn make up at the first time?
5. What is your make up style? Natural? Girly? Gothic? Describe me :D
6. If you could only use one of this tree items, which one you will choose? There are eyeliner, BB cream, lip balm.
7. What is your wishlist for Christmas day ?
8. What make up items that you have the most?
9. What thing(s) that will stopped you become a blogger in the future?
11. What do you think about 'every women must can cook'? Do you agree?

My Nominees:
1. Lyne
2. Via
3. Dita
4. Lina
5. Marsha
6. Sekar
7. Hana
8. Sonya
10. Felicia
11. Aprilia

Monday, November 19, 2012

Why Do You Wear Make Up TAG

Hei everyone, it's Monday again.. ~ Really, time flies so fast lately, and I must do my thesis before the deadline.. *err.. But the reality is I just too lazy to do it.. No, not because I'm lazy la :p .. Because I feel stack , don't know what must I do in the next step of doing my thesis.. Can you imagine, I must do programming that NEVER I learned before.. I must struggling with so many coding that makes me crazy.. I know maybe I'm too fast to give up, hopefully my passion to do my thesis is come back.. T_T

Enough for the intermezzo ~ ~
Today I wont post any review, or giveaway or challenge.. I want to post about Why Do You Wear Make Up Tag..
Yea, if you followed me from the first post, I never did post tag before.. Now, I want to try it, just want to feel how it is like *lalala

Yesterday when I did blogwalking, I found this make up tag here and also I found it on another beauty blogger.. But stupid me, I'm forget the link -_-
It's sound very interesting :p

Let's start ladies

Why Do You Wear Make Up Tag

Q1: When did you begin to love make up?
Hmm.. If it's mean "love", I think I started to love make up around few month ago, since I'm selling Korean brand make up.. Just imagine , everyday I look that cosmetic, read review from another beauty blogger to search how that product works when there was a customer asked me, and I looked beautiful ladies ! *err that really makes me want to try those make up.. :3
Until now, I think I'm addicted to make up :p
But since I was a child I love to make up my older sister and did her hair do.. But, you know la, like what 8 year old girls do make up.. so messy, until my sister rejected me, when I want to make up her again *LOL

make up,

Q2: How do you feel without make up?
I feel NAKED! *LOL
Don't know why, but I just realize it few days ago.. Short story, few days ago I went to the mall and didn't put any make up because I was in hurry and didn't have time to do make up even any moisturizer or BB cream.. I didn't bring my phone, wallet, my bag and only use ugly shirt.. Yea, I feel really not confident.. :3
Maybe because of my habit use make up daily, though it's just sun block or BB cream.. But I don't put any make up when I at home (Of course, who used make up when they at home :3)
Before I knew make up, I never put any make up even when I attended a wedding invitation.. I'm just too lazy to put make up just for few hours, but to do the make up I need much hours.. I also thought that women who use make up is really kittenish (in Bahasa I mean 'genit').. I always thought 'why they used make up when they go to campus? In campus we are learning, not for fashion show.. !' But now I think I know their reason *LOL
There are not a problem when women loves make up, really. Is it wrong do something that we love? We don't bother you with our make up, do we? The reality is we give you beautiful view( for boys :p) .. I think people more appreciate you when you could take care your self.. Which one you choose? Look a girl with messy hair, shabby clothes, dirty, can't take care her self or this one.. The girls who loves to treat her self (take care her self doesn't mean must use make up), the girl who can know the situation which clothes that she may use on certain condition.. The girl who could appreciate her self.. How could others appreciate you when you couldn't appreciate your self? Like I said before you not must wear make up, but at least take care what you have now.. :)

Q3: What do you like about make up?
Doing make up is just like an artist, we create something beautiful using different media (our make up stuff).. Lately, I like to made an artistic illustration on my face (you could see mine creation here and here).. I'm not a professional, I just amateur make up lover who want to learn and try something new.. I can change my face looks using make up, makes my face more tapering, or maybe makes my looks like a Korean girl *LOl .. I really want to makes my looks like a Korean girls, with natural make up but they could have the best result.. But, till now I can't do it >.<
My hobby now is play with my eyeshadow, my eyeliner :p
If you want to try learn make up, you can learn it via Youtube or another beauty blogger.. And that are free of course.. *that's why I love my internet so much :p
In Youtube you could find many beauty Gurus.. My favorite is Bubzbeauty .. First time I knew make up, I learned from her.. She show us how to do so many make up looks and also hair style.. Just take your time to watch her video..
It's easy right? You don't need spend so much money to join make up courses.. But if you have a lot of money and want to learn more about doing make up like wedding make up, that's good to join make up courses, but not for me.. It's too expensive for me >.<

Bubzbeauty img credit

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Punky Pugs and Pretty Princess Giveaway

Happy Sunday all.. :D
Today I wanna post about International giveaway (again)..

The first is  Punky Pugs 170 Followers giveaway..

soo many prizes there.. I really want to try those Tresemme  Root Boosting Spray :3
This giveaway ends on 30th November.. So don't miss it ;)
If you want to join, just click here

The second giveaway is fro Pretty Princess,, She want to celebrate her first blog anniversary :)
There are 2 winners on this giveaway.. let's see the prizes
If you wanna join, just click here..

Good luck everyone ^^

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wonder Women for Your Pores :: Wonder Pore Clay Clear

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask

Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Clear
For you who love Korean Brand, I bet that you already knew about Wonder Pore series from Etude House.. Etude House launched many Wonder Pore product, and the best seller is the toner.. It's very great to solve your pore problem..
Today, I won't post about those toner, but I will review the Wonder Pore Clay Clear..

*Because I got the sample size, I can't talk about the packaging..

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask

See at the 'Oops!' picture.. I ever read that many bacterium lives on our pores, so keep your pores clean is very important ;)

Wonder Pore Clay Clear,, pore mask
7in1 Total Pore Solution
All wonder pore series claimed that they have 7 advantage, you can see at the picture above..
I think it's great, you could get 7 advantage from 1 product ^^

Friday, November 16, 2012

Talk About Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only for protect our eyes from sun light, but nowadays sunglasses became a lifestyle ! I often seen Hollywood actress or Indonesian actress used sunglasses when they walked out, perform, and even become their identity..
In my opinion, find the right sunglasses is quite hard.. if I choose the wrong frame shape it's wont makes my appearance better, or even could make my appearance worst .. So, finding the right shape is the key.. :D

I adore Katty Perry sunglasses collection, she often used unique design sunglasses, but I think she looks very perfect when she uses rounded frame sunglasses.. Rounded glasses give retro looks ;)

I love Katty Perry >.<

I browse many sunglasses and I found the one that I want :D
The black one combine with fuschia color, looks very elegant and gorgeous.. How do you think? :D Maybe I could use it when I go to the beach or when I have a vacation >.<


For you, bloggers who want to get a free pair of sunglasses that you want , please visit here to see the term and condition :)

Happy evening everyone ;)

IBB Fairy Make Up Challenge

Hi everyone :D
Buat para anggota group Indonesia Beauty Blogger (IBB) pasti udah pada tahu kan kalau ada Make Up Challenge dengan tema Enchanting Fairy >.<
Waktu pertama kali diumumin ada challenge ini, aku excited banget buat ikutan , meskipun skill make up pas-pas an haha.. Bukan cuma karena hadiahnya , tapi juga buat sekalian belajar make up haha ~
Dan ini challenge pertama ku ^^

Setelah cari-cari inspirasi dan ngumpulin bahan-bahan, akhirnya kuputuskan buat make up ala Forest Fairy :D
Entah hasilnya mirip peri atau ga haha >.<

Ini hasil make up challenge ku ^^ (beware: pic spam :p )

fairy make up,
Bare face ~ chubby cheeks >.<

Tadaaa *

fairy make up,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Margy 2nd Giveaway

Hello everyoneeee.. :D
Hari ini aku bakal share giveaway ke 2 yang diadain sama ce Margy..
Sedikit cerita, dulu sebelum aku kenal sama dunia beauty blogger, aku udah sering baca review-review dari Ce Margy ini.. Waktu itu ketemu blog nya ce Margy dari Goggle waktu lagi cari review nypmh aura.. :D
Suka banget sama blognya ^^

Oke back to the business.. Jadi di giveaway ini bakal ada 2 pemenang buat dapetin 2 pasang softlense yang disponsori oleh Tomato Online Shop..

Selain itu masi ada hadiah lain dari .. >.<

Jadi buat yang mau ikutan, bisa join di sini :D
Moga-moga aku bisa beruntung buat dapetin softlense nya >.<

Happy Wednesday all :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Product Review :: Maybelline Magnum Volume Express Mascara

Hai everyone ! It's already Tuesday (again).. Time flies so fast ~

Today I wanna share you my current favorite mascara :D
Maybe it's a late post, many beauty blogger out there already reviewed about this.. :3
But no problem, I will share it too to you :D

maybelline magnum volume express mascara

I bought this mascara last month when maybelline held discount event for the product..

Lets see the packaging closer..

maybelline magnum volume express mascara

The dominant color for this mascara are yellow and purple.. And I love the combination.. The packaging is quite simple and little fat.. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Product Review :: The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish

Like I said before in my post What I Got in The Body Shop Goodie Bag, today I will review The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish :D
If you also want to read my review about Satsuma Hand Cleanse Gel, you can read here..
I will do brief review today.. Don't know why, I'm not in the good mood this morning..

Let's start the review ! :D

Lets see the packaging first

The Body Shop Satsuma Body olish

It's come in tube with transparent packaging.. i think it's more like a facial foam packaging than body polish.. The packaging is very simple, the tube made it very easy to get out the gel..

The Body Shop Satsuma Body olish
It's also contain walnut, loofah and the most interesting is honey.. Yes, everyone knew that honey is very good for our skin.. Honey could moisten, and make our skin feel soft..

The Body Shop Satsuma Body olish
It contains 75ml (2.5 US FL OZ)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lovely Lue Giveaway :: Part 2

Happy Saturday.. ^^
Kali ini aku bakal lanjut posting tentang Giveaway nya ci Lulu.. :D
Seperti yang aku post di post sebelumnya, Giveaway ini ada 3 hadiah yang bisa kalian pilih sendiri.. Stiap pilihan hadiah, dibikin 1 postingan, jadi kali ini aku mau posting untuk pilihan  giveaway ke 2 ku.. hehe :D
Kalau sebelumnya aku post tentang sarang burung walet, kali ini aku mau post beberapa hasil DIY ku.. I'm not a pro on crafting, I'm just love crafting >.<

Ini hadiah yang bakal didapet
worth senilai Idr 500.000

Oke.. syarat-syarat nya jawab pertanyaan ini
a. kenapa kamu follow blog ini?
b. kenapa kamu memilih hadiah ini?
c. Post 1 atau 2 foto hasil DIY kalian, yang udah pernah kalian buat sendiri.. DIY apapun itu

a. Kenapa aku follow blog Ci Lulu?
Seperti yang pernah aku tulis di di post sebelumnya, di blog Ci Lulu banyak banget hasil kreasi yang cantik-cantik.. Entah itu make up dan juga craft.. Hasil dari make up dan craft nya itu menginspirasi banget.. Bisa ngubah kardus biasa, jadi tempat make up juga :D

b. Kenapa aku memilih hadiah ini?
Pengen banget beli bunga-bunga kaya gitu, cuma ga tau harus beli di mana haha.. Pingin nambah koleksi bahan-bahan craft juga, supaya bisa bikin hasil kreasi lain ^^

c. Post 1 atau 2 foto hasil DIY kalian, yang udah pernah kalian buat sendiri.. DIY apapun itu
Sebenernya aku suka crafting karena coba-coba.. Berawal dari keinginan buat beli, tapi terpikir 'kenapa ngga buat sendiri?'.. Apalagi sering lihat di internet, TV banyak orang yang bisa membuat hasil kerajinan, jadi pingin coba juga >.< 
Jadilah hasil coba-coba ini :D :p


Salah satu hasil papercrat yang pernah aku buat >.<
Papercraft ini sudah lama banget aku buat, skitar 2 tahun yang lalu O.o
Seneng banget waktu bikin, soalnya waktu itu template nya ga usah beli, hasil dari print template yang di download dari internet.. :D

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mengenal Lebih Jauh Manfaat Sarang Burung Walet :: Lovely Lue Giveaway

Hallo semua.. ^^
Kali ini aku bakal post pake Bahasa, soalnya hari ini aku bakal post tentang super huge Giveaway yang diadain sama Ce lulu.. Kenapa super huge giveaway? Soalnya hadiahnya WOW banget.. haha..
Ada 3 pilihan hadiah yang bener" super >.<
1. Sarang burung walet ( super quality)
2. Urban Dekay Naked 1 palette
3. Bahan-bahan craft
Big thanks to ci Lulu !

Pengen ikutan semuanya.. haha .. Tapi sekarang aku mau post tentang sarang burung walet dulu ^^
Hadiah ini worth senilai Rp. 1.250.000 :o

Syarat- syarat untuk ikut giveaway ini harus jawab beberapa pertanyaan :
a. Kenapa kamu follow blog ini?
b. Kenapa kamu memilih hadiah ini?
c. Apa aja yang kamu tahu soal Sarang burung walet ini?
Buat yang mau ikutan, bisa baca ketentuan lengkapnya di sini
Ok.. Lets start :D

a. Kenapa aku follow blog nya ci Lulu? 
Easy going.. Bahasa penyampaian nya mudah banget buat dipahami, dan enak banget ngebacanya, serasa lagi ngobrol sama temen sendiri.. haha.. Selain itu banyak tips - tips yang bisa didapet dari blog nya Ci Lulu ini.. Mulai dari tips kecantikan dan juga make up..  Pertama kali baca post ci Lulu tentang pengalamannya pake sunscreen , dan langsung baca-baca post dari awal >.< 
Buat yang mau tau blog nya ci lulu bisa berkunjung ke sini .. Dijamin ngga nyesel, karena banyak ilmu di sana hehe :D

b. Kenapa aku memilih hadiah ini?
Hmm.. sebenernya mulai tertarik sama sarang burung walet ini setelah baca postingannya ci Lulu tentang Beauty Secret nya Ci Lulu yang rajin minum sarang burung walet.. bisa dibaca di sini.. Sebelumnya ga tau betapa berkhasiatnya sarang burung walet.. Tertarik buat nyoba sarang burung walet, tapi harganya mahal banget.. :(
Yang ada cuma bisa nyoba es sarang burung, di mana sarang burung nya itu agar-agar.. LOL..

The Secret of Glowing Skin Korean Peoples :: Nymph Aura Review

Hello K-Pop lovers ! \(′▽`)/
K-Pop was very booming lately on my country.. Every time and every where so much people talk about K-Drama, the boys and girls band and even the make up.. Actually I'm not really like Korean Song (because I don't understand the lyrics *LOL), but I like the people (even I don't know her/his name :p ).. I like how beautiful / handsome they are.. >.<
And of course I love Korean brand Make Up, especially Etude House.. (•ˆ⌣ˆ•)

Have you ever realize, that Korean people often use natural make up than full make up.. They only play with their eye make up, the key is eyeliner..
korean make up
image credit : google
See, how natural her make up.. But she still looks very beautiful.. I'm so envy with her beautifull skin T_T
And one thing that I wanna talk in this post is most of Korean people have glowing skin :D
Remember -> It's glowing, not oily skin >.<

If you wanna try Korean make up, I wanna tell you the secret of their glowing skin.. :D
Highlight Cream
I ever read that many MUA in Korea, blend together the BB Cream with Highlight cream to get glowing result..
Many Korean brand make up have this highlight cream.. Now, I will review from Etude one..  Nymph Aura Volumer..

nymph aura

They have 3 choice based on glowing level.. 
#1 Pure Honey Radiance
#2 Secret Pearl Radiance
#3 Transparent Water Sheen ( The newest series of nymph aura)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Glossy Boutique ~ 300 Followers Giveaway

Hello everyone.. I;m back with giveaway post.. Today I wanna share giveaway that held by Glossy Boutique .. She wanna celebrate her 300 blog followers.. So many followers she had >.<
The prize is Real Technique Brushes ! Even you could choose which brush you want, between face core collection and eye core collection.. How kind she is..This is open worldwide.. So, what are you waiting for? Join here and wish me luck ^^

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vintage Bride and Groom Nail Art

Helo everyone.. :)
New post again in this lovely Sunday >.<

I just wanna share my NOTD today.. I search some inspiration on internet and finally I found this cute nail art on Pinterest.. You can check my inspiration here.. I adore her nail art, she did very great, no mess °\(>.<)/°

bride and groom nail art

I love this nail art, it's very simple but has a theme on it.. I modified the purple color with vintage flower because I want make a little bit different, and I think flowers are very suitable for this theme.. (hope mine is looks like a vintage flower *LOL)

And this is mine..  I'm still amateur to do a nail art.. >.<
Ta daaaaaa *drum roll





What I Got in The Body Shop Goodie Bag

Hai everyone ^^
I wanna share about my body shop stuff.. I got this from my Mom a few days ago.. She got it when she attending grand opening a new mall in Solo :D

This is first time I try Body Shop brand actually.. :p

Here the closer look

What I got in the goodie bag :

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good News and Bad News

Hello.. Another random post today.. I have good news and bad news today..

The good news is my Syrian Hamster gave a birth a few weeks a go.. And the babies now have growing up and ready to be separate from their mother..

I will show you my new baby Syrian .. They are very cute.. Thy have a pig nose.. LOL
Because they have red nose like a pig.. :p

The triplets

They have same colors >.<

I put them in plastic box, because I'm still cleaning their cage

Friday, November 2, 2012

First Post in November

First post In November (⌒▽⌒)
Helloo.. Finally October was end.. And I missed my halloween looks.!! Because I was forget about the date.. I thought it's still 30 October and I will do halloween looks the next day, but it was already 31 October.. \(!!˚☐˚)/ \(˚☐˚!!)/
So poor me T_T

Oke forget it.. Today I want to share you about my another hobby.. Baking.. Yea, I love baking.. I love make same cookies, cake and cupcake.. :D
I'm still amateur.. But, I will keep trying and learning make something new.. \(´▽`)/
Yesterday I made this because I have a free time and I still have the ingredients.. Though I'm lack the butter..
And this is it...... *drum roll 





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