Friday, October 26, 2012

Colorful Butterfly Wings ♥

Happy EID Mubarak for my readers ^^~

Another holiday ~ Even for me everyday is holiday haha.. Because now I'm just need to complete my thesis.. I go to campus only at Wednesday.. So, that means everyday is holiday ~~ ^^.. Wish me luck for my thesis >.<

A few days ago, I draw something on my eyes.. It's my very first time doing this.. I'm very very excited and little bit nervous .. :D
I don't know why I draw butterfly wings on my eyes.. At the first I want to make Jessica rabbit make up looks a like, it's very cute >.< But finally, I decide to make more simple thing, Butterfly wings :D

This is my inspiration 

Very beautiful and colorful butterfly wing >.<

And this is mine.. >.<
I am sorry for the very very bad qualities photos :(
I took this use my phone camera.. Bad light too.. eerrr ~




Very dark lightning x_x

 The details

Etude House Precious BB Dation w13
Maybelline clear smooth
Etude house lovely cookie blusher #4 carot cheese cake
Sariayu Shimmering powder

Proof 10 Auto Pencil Bk801
Milani Liquif'eye black
Etude House Drawing eyebrow
Drawing show creamy pencil GR701
Maybelline Magnum Volume express

Maybelline Lips baby Smoothing Cherry
Etude House apricot stick gloss #5 Sweet Banana

What do u think of my butterfly wings? >.<
I love this.. haha..
I want to try make another make up looks a like ^^

Thanks for visiting :)

14 lovers:

  1. kemana nih box komennya :O

    tangannya kreatif banget.. aku uda gemeteran klu gini..hahaha

  2. Dewie :: tadi abis coba".. malah jadi eror trnyata box comentnyaa haha.. >.<
    masi belajar juga ini :D

    thanksss ^^

  3. aku juga takut nih klu mau otak-atik blog..hahaha takut kenapa2 blognya..hihihii

    ayokk belajar, aku juga lagi belajar nih ^^

  4. baguss,tambah satu lg tuh kupu"nya hihi :D

    main ke blog ku yah ^_^

  5. Dewie :: iyaaa.. sama" blajar ^^ smangatt XD

    Via:: wahh.. makasiii.. hehe :$ :$
    okeee.. langsung ke TKP ^^

  6. cantiiik, keren loh ><
    Paling suka sama foto pertama

  7. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a $100 Kill City Jeans giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  8. Melissa :: makassiii hehe XD

    Devo: Thank you ^^
    I will check it :)

  9. kerennn ^o^
    next time bikin motif laen lagi.. hihihi.. semisal peacock atau bat, :D

  10. baguuus..
    sayang foto nya kurang bagus..

    keep experimenting dear!

    please visit :)

  11. keren! tp sayang kamerany kurang nangkeppp >.<


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