Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review : Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux #2 Berry

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Hellooo.. Finally, after long time I didn't make review on Etude House product, I post review about my new baby ♥ Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux #2 Berry ~~

After read some review about this base make up, finally I decided to bought this.. Especially when I read Ada review about this base.. Yes, as I told before in My Favorite Blogs  , she is one of my favorite bloggers, you can read her review version here.. By the way, I bought this at Chibi's Etude House Korea.. Yippie.. ~

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Favorite Blogs ♥

Hello.. Morning everyoneeee ~~~~ ^^

As a blogger I also have many favorite bloggers.. They become my inspiration, a place for me to learn how to write a nice review, and a place to search a review too ^^

I will list few of my favorite bloggers, who knows they could be your favorite bloggers too.. :)

ada no niki blog, favorite blog,

Yes she is my most favorite blogger now.. >.<
I really love her creativity and her totality when review a products.. She always makes me want to buy the products that she review, especially the Etude House.. 
Not only about make up, she is also post about hair, fashion, art and many more.. You should visit her blogs and I'm pretty sure that you will falling in love to at her blog.. 
She also answer every comment on her blog.. She is so nice !

Oh I almost forget, she is hosting a thank you giveaway too.. You could join it here

Ada no Nikki's 100,000 page views and 200 followers Thank You Giveaway

amazing world of J,  favorite blog,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Blog Tips] 4 Simple Step to Customize Your Blog Cursor

Hello Guysss.. ^^
Have you noticed something different in my blog? :D
I did a little make over on my blog.. And I also changed my cursor too.. 

My old cursor was a cute pink pig.. And now I change it it with my blog author name.. Piedev.. ^^

my Old cursor

I want to share tips, how to change your blog cursor.. And it's totally supper easy !

how to change blog cursor, blog tips, simple step to change blog cursor,

Membuat Website Toko Online itu Mudah

Sebagai penjual online tentu saja kita ingin banyak konsumen yang berkunjung ke akun jualan kita.. Dengan adanya media online seperti facebook, twitter tentu itu akan mempermudah dalam memperluas pemasaran.

Tapi apakah cukup cuma memakai media sosial saja? jawabannya TIDAK.. Karena belum tentu produk kita akan dilihat oleh semua pengguna Facebook.. Apalagi pengguna Facebook cuma sebagian kecil dari pengguna internet di Indonesia..

Lalu bagaimana cara memperluas pemasaran melalui media internet? Salah satu caranya adalah dengan membuat website untuk barang dagangan kita. Menurut survey Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia, pengguna internet di Indonesia sudah mencapai 24,23% atau sekitar 63 juta orang pada akhir tahun 2012 dan diperkirakan akan terus meningkat. Bayangkan bila akun jualan kita bisa ditemukan oleh paling tidak 1% dari pengguna internet di Indonesia.. Sudah pasti penjualan kita akan meningkat ;)

Keuntungan dari mempunyai website antara lain :

- Toko kita terlihat lebih proffesional.. dan tentu saja itu berpengaruh pada First impression konsumen
- Lebih mudah ditemukan oleh mesin pencari.. Itu berarti akan semakin banyak pengunjung ke situs online kita..
- Dengan adanya template yang menarik, akan membuat konsumen lebih senang berkunjung ke situs kita

Punya website sendiri untuk berjualan mudah loh.. Semudah membalikkan telapak tangan.. haha.. Asal kan kita tahu cara yang tepat.. ^^ adalah salah satu jasa penyedia toko online yang bener-bener bisa membantu kita, apalagi orang awam yang ngga suka pake ribet, untuk bisa punya toko online cuma dalam waktu 20 detik! Yup.. 20 detik.. ! Bayangkan, tidak ada 1 menit kita sudah punya toko online sendiri.. , review, jasa toko online, membuat web toko online,

Lalu, apa sih kelebihan

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pink Gold Etude House Nail Polish : NOTD + review

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I love wearing nail polish especially the pink and gold one..
Pink nail polish give me more girly looks, and gold give me more elegant looks 
So I try to combine them.. :D
I use nail polish from Etude House, which is my favorite nail polish currently..

I just did a simple nail manicure.. So I'm pretty sure you could make this too with your favorite color ^^

etude house nail polish review, dear my blooming nails #4 review, dear my party nails #PBE101 review, simple manicure,

I use Dear my blooming nails #4 as the base color and then I add Dear my party nail #PBE101 to give the Gold effect.. 
Supper simple but I love it !! ^^

Now I will talk about the polish, because I never review it before..

etude house nail polish review, dear my blooming nails #4 review,
Dear my blooming nails #4

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Find Me !

Well, I'm sure most of you already knew that Google Reader will be shutting down at 1st of July.. I'm not sure it will affect to the Goggle Friend Connect or not, but if you still want to get some updates from my blog, you can find me on another ways :D

Just click the picture to direct link.. :)


If you following me, just leave me your link in comment box.. I will follow you back ^^

Thank you..
have a nice Sunday everyoneeeeee :D
xoxo :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

De-Beauty San Fransisco Lashes Review + FOTD

de beauty eyelashes , eyelashes review ,

Happy Thursday everyone ^^
Another lashes review today :)

I got this lashes from De Beauty San Fransisco.. De-Beauty sell many style of false eyelashes since 2004.. The lashes made from high quality material.. And this lashes were made in Indonesia which is my country.. I'm really proud of it.. ^^ Our country could make high quality product that sold worldwide ^^

de beauty eyelashes , eyelashes review ,

So let's start the review.. Today I want to review #NTR06 false eyelashes 

de beauty eyelashes , eyelashes review ,
Picture from website.. you can find it here

This is information that I get from the website :
Usage: Reusable
Item#: NTR06
Style: Natural
Material: Human Hair
Color: Black

Friday, March 8, 2013

Beauty Grooves Daytime Diva Lashes :: Review

[Sponsored] Are you a lashes lover? Actually I'm not a big fans of fake lashes.. I'm not use it for daily looks..
I use false lashes only for special event.. I have really short lashes and this fake lashes really help me..  (┳∧┳)

I got this lashes from Ocean Shop.. This lashes makes me looks more flirty..  (/^▽^)/ . Honestly I never heard about this brand before.. There are written the website address on the backside of the packaging , but when I open it at my browser,  I found nothing..
Do you curious with this lashes?
Let's see the review..

♥ Packaging 

Beauty grooves eyelashes, flirty eyelashes,

I love the packaging.. It's totally shock pink with colorful dots.. looks so retro.. :D

Beauty grooves eyelashes, flirty eyelashes,

Beauty grooves eyelashes, flirty eyelashes,

The packaging is not looks cheap too ^^

Beauty grooves eyelashes, flirty eyelashes,
The backside ~ Direction how to use it

♥ The Lashes 

Beauty grooves eyelashes, flirty eyelashes,
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