Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tampil Cantik Natural dengan Face on Face

Happy Sunday ^^

Apa sih definisi cantik menurut kalian? Menurut saya, cantik itu lebih ke arah natural.. 
Bukan berarti ga boleh make up atau mempercantik diri, tapi yang dimaksud natural menurut saya adalah, make up yang ngga berlebihan, apalagi kalau untuk sehari-hari.. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

Bahkan, menurut teman-teman cowo saya, cewe yang tampil lebih natural itu  lebih cantik.. 
Justru kalau ketemu sama cewe yang tampil menor, mereka justru bakal jadi ill feel, dan cuma bisa ketawa.. >.<

Di sini, saya juga akan memberi step-step untuk tampil cantik natural dengan Face on Face ^^

Pasti sudah banyak banget dari kalian yang tahu tentang Face on Face ini.. Harganya murah, tapi kualitas nya? ngga murahan *o*

Di sini, saya pakai produk dari Face on Face :
- two way cake Vanilla beige

Buat yang penasaran sama review komplit dari produk Face on Face, bisa klik link di atas.. :)

Face on Face Two way cake, Face on Face blush on,

Face on Face Two Way Cake Vanilla Beige

Friday, January 25, 2013

Say Hi! to My Lovely Kid

Helloo everyone..  Not like another post, I won't talk about beauty today.. ;)
I will introduce you my little kid.. My naughty kid lol
She is a shy girl, so please be nice to her..! haha..

Enjoy this post ^^

Hi peoples..
My name is Chibi.. mmm.. I'm a shy girl.. I do not like to be captured and I always hate when my mommy bring camera x_x

I'm 4 years old, or 28 years old in doggy life..
In doggy life, I'm older than my mommy >.<
Funny, isn't it? :D

I have one older sister, her name is Sweety..
Do you want to meet with her? 
maybe my mom will post about her too one day :D 

I'm not an expensive breed dog.. 
I'm mix breed, golden retriever with pomeranian..

golden, chibi, cute dog,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

NOTD : Golden Red Nail Art

glitter nail art, golden red nail art, elegant nail art,

I just realized that long time I didn't post about nail art... And finally today I will share my simple manicure.. Yey ヾ(゜∪゜★)ノ゛・:*:・

Actually this nail art was inspired by Christmas day.. Christmas is related with red and gold, isn't it? :D
i use red nail polish and add gold glitter on the nail tip. I also add beads to made flower shape, and add golden hearts  

I love this manicure because it give me more elegant looks..
So, enjoy.. ^^

(I'm sorry that the nail art was so messy -_-)

Piedev's Pick Fashion of the Week : Retro in Blue

Hello.. Happy holiday for Indonesian peoples ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱
Yes, maybe you curious why I wrote about fashion.. No, I'm not a fashion blogger. But, I just want to share my favorite clothes to all of you..
Start from this week, I will post about "Piedev's Pick Fashion of the Week " on every week with different theme .. Hope this can help you to choose which clothes that you will use.. (✪‿✪)ノ

This week I choose Retro in Blue Theme..
This looks suitable for you 70's or 80's lover.. I'm not a fanatic of 70's style.. But I love it ! The dress, make up, red lipstick, curly hair.. I love it.. :D

Sooo let's take a look my choice for this look :)

For the dress I choose blue polka dots dress.. Polka dots will give you retro effect.. and it's so cute ^^
I love the dress color 

retro looks, retro dress,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silmy's Natural Eyelashes Review

Hello.. Happy Sunday everyone ❤(^o^)❤

I just want to do short review about Silmy's eyelashes.
In Silmy's you can find many type of eyelashes, start from natural eyelashes, dramatic, and unique eyelashes. You can find the complete review about this eyelashes in my older post here.

In this review, I used crosses natural eyelashes. You can use this eyelashes for daily looks. This eyelashes looks so girly I think. I love crosses lashes, don't know why. LOL
But I love the effect so much >.<

silmy's eyelashes, natural eyelashes,, crosses lashes
Lashes that I used

Friday, January 18, 2013

EOS Hand Lotion Berry Blossom First Impression

EOS hand lotion berry blossom review,, EOS

Hi hi 
Finally, my second part of EOS post.. Like I said before, I got this EOS hand lotion from Christine. I won her giveaway.. Lucky me xD
I also got the EOS Lip Balm strawberry sorbet. If you curious with this wonderful lip balm, then you should check my post here.

The packaging of this hand lotion is simple but I think it has cute shape, with soft pink color >.<

Thank you my Followers and Giveaway Winner Announcement

Helloooo my loyal readers ^^ and hello my new followers :)
Today I just want to say big thanks for all of you who has followed me, commented on every post.. And I really really appreciate it.. Without you, my blog is nothing ! :')

I still remember, last month I still have 100 followers, and now I got 250 followers. >.<
I never imagine that my blog bigger now.. Hope I can do my best to make all of you more happy with my blog ~

annndddd guess what? It's time to announce the giveaway winner ^^ 
I got 3.879 entries.. Thank you so much for everyone who has joined my giveaway ~

100 followers giveaway,

and the lucky winner is ~~~~~





Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coupon Code

Guess what? I have some coupon code for my special readers. You can use it when you buy  product(s) from the website, and don't forget to mention the coupon code before you check out to get special promo.. xD

Pinky Paradise sell circle lens with many type choice. So, for you who love using circle lens, you should check the website. I also ever created a post about Pinky Paradise that you can read here.

Use coupon code BEAUTYFOODLIFE to get free cute animal lens case and also mystery gifts :)
If you buy 3 lens, you will also get 3 cute lens case.. ^^

pinkyparadise,, circle lens

KKcenterhk sell so many beauty products. Such as fake lashes, mascara, eyeshadow, nail art stuff, wig and so many more. I love the fake lashes >.< they have many choices of fake lashes ~

Use coupon code BEAUTYFOODLIFE to get 10% off. This promo is only can be use until January 31st 2014.. >.<

KKcenterhk, wig, eyelashes, eye shadow

Enjoy the promotion ^^

Giveaway Package and First Impression of EOS Lip Balm Strawberry Sorbet

Hello ~
How's your day? Yes, If you lived in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, it won't be a good day.. :(
I watch TV in this evening, and see flood everywhere.. I think this is the worst flood that ever happened .. Hope the flood won't get worse .. >.<

Okay, back to the topic. Last month I won a giveaway that held by Christine from Makeup, Beauty & Fashion . I won Eos products, the lip balm and hand lotion.. Of course I'm so happy, I really want to try EOS, especially the lip balm.. >.<

Yesterday, my giveaway package come. Thanks Christine  

Short story, my postage man is very funny. He said to my neighbor (my neighbor was the receiver of the package because I was not at home) "be careful, the package is an egg" *LOL .. Yea , maybe because of the lip balm has a same shape with egg.. :p

EOS lip balm strawberry sorbet, EOS hand lotion berry blossom,

In this post I will share about my first impression EOS Lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet.. I will share my first impression of the hand lotion in the next post ^^

Lets start ~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review :: Milani Liquif'eye Metalic Eyeliner

Hello ^^
Another post about eyeliner ! ~~

Milani Liquif'eye Metalic Eyeliner

Yes, I ever do a comparison of my pencil eyeliner, and guess what? this eyeliner is one of the winner..! If you never read my comparison eyeliner, you can read it here

This eyeliner has stole many beauty lovers ! 
Do you wonder about the eyeliner? 
Okay, lets start the review..


milani liquif'eye metalic eyelier black review, black pigmented eyeliner,

The packaging is just like another pencil eyeliner. It has dove black case and transparent cap. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Doa Novena Tiga Kali Salam Maria

Bunda Maria, Perawan yang berkuasa, bagimu tidak ada sesuatu yang tak mungkin, karena kuasa yang dianugerahkan oleh Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa kepadamu. Dengan sangat aku mohon pertolonganmu dalam kesulitanku ini, janganlah hendaknya engkau meninggalkan aku, sebab aku yakin engkau pasti dapat menolong, meski dalam perkara yang sulit, yang sudah tidak ada harapannya, engkau tetap menjadi pengantara bagi Puteramu.
Baik keluhuran Tuhan dan penghormatanku kepadamu maupun keselamatan jiwaku akan bertambah seandainya engkau sudi mengabulkan segala permohonanku ini. Karenanya, kalau permohonanku ini benar-benar selaras dengan kehendak Puteramu, dengan sangat aku mohon, o Bunda, sudilah meneruskan segala permohonanku ini ke hadirat Puteramu, yang pasti tak akan menolakmu.
Pengharapanku yang besar ini, berdasarkan atas kuasa yang tak terbatas yang dianugerahkan oleh Allah Bapa kepadamu. Dan untuk menghormati besarnya kuasamu itu, aku berdoa bersama dengan St.Mechtildis yang kau beritahukan tentang kebaikan doa "Tiga Salam Maria", yang sangat besar manfaatnya itu.
Salam Maria ... (3X) Bunda Maria yang baik hati, jauhkanlah aku dari dosa-dosa berat.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Review :: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm SPF 20

Happy New Year everyone !!!

Yes I know, it was very very too late ~~~~~~ .. I'm so busy lately prepared my thesis.. That's also the reason why I didn't update my blog for a long time.. Is there some one missed me? :p

Back to beauty topic. Today I want to share my very very favorite lip balm. I really love this balm.. 
First time I tried this because I have a problem with dried lips. It really disturb me, especially when I want to apply lipstick. I tried Nivea lip balm one, but it didn't works on me. But Maybelline baby lips can solve my dried lips problem.. :D

I've used it for around 3 months, I used every night before I sleep, so I won't get dry lips in the next day.. amazing *o*

Let's start the review.. ~~

~ Packaging ~

Maybelline baby lips lip balm, maybelline lip balm, lip balm for dry lips, maybelline baby lip balm smoothing cherry, beautyfoodlife.blogspot,com

There are 3 choices of this balm (I forgot the types), and I choose this one "Smoothing Cherry". The packaging color combination is super duper cute.. !! Turquoise and pink peach color.. so sweet 

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