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Giveaway Package and First Impression of EOS Lip Balm Strawberry Sorbet

Hello ~
How's your day? Yes, If you lived in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, it won't be a good day.. :(
I watch TV in this evening, and see flood everywhere.. I think this is the worst flood that ever happened .. Hope the flood won't get worse .. >.<

Okay, back to the topic. Last month I won a giveaway that held by Christine from Makeup, Beauty & Fashion . I won Eos products, the lip balm and hand lotion.. Of course I'm so happy, I really want to try EOS, especially the lip balm.. >.<

Yesterday, my giveaway package come. Thanks Christine  

Short story, my postage man is very funny. He said to my neighbor (my neighbor was the receiver of the package because I was not at home) "be careful, the package is an egg" *LOL .. Yea , maybe because of the lip balm has a same shape with egg.. :p

EOS lip balm strawberry sorbet, EOS hand lotion berry blossom,

In this post I will share about my first impression EOS Lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet.. I will share my first impression of the hand lotion in the next post ^^

Lets start ~

As you know, this lip balm has been well known in the whole world. Even many Hollywood actress used this lip balm.. That's why I'm so curious with this balm. :D


EOS lip balm strawberry sorbet, EOS hand lotion berry blossom,
EOS lip balm strawberry sorbet, EOS hand lotion berry blossom,

The EOS lip balm has EOS brand written in the up and bottom of the packaging. And it's also sealed (I've already opened it). The packaging color is really cute. Pink ! ♥ :D

About the shape, this lip balm has a very unique shape. Usually lip balm has a bar shape and you must twist the bottom before use it. 
But, it's totally different, the shape is round like an egg and you don't need to twist when you want to use this balm. 

EOS lip balm strawberry sorbet, EOS hand lotion berry blossom,

This lip balm is very travel friendly. The size is only around 4 cm.. Really small, isn't it? ^^

EOS lip balm strawberry sorbet, EOS hand lotion berry blossom,
And this is the balm. I just realize that the balm is like a rambutan if I opened like this LOL :p

Sooooo, is it works?
Yes ! It's really moist my lips and doesn't makes my lips dry and chapped. It also has a sweet taste :p
It moist my lips for around 5 hours..


Plus point :
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Moist my lips very well
♥ Has a sweet taste
♥ Moist my lips for around 5 hours (I'm using with eat and drink)
♥ Unique shape !

Minus :
♥ Doesn't have SPF
♥ Hard to get in Indonesia, you must buy it via online

I don't think so. I think I still in love with my Maybelline baby lips, because it's cheaper, has a SPF and easy to get ^^

Have you tried this balm?
What is your favorite lip balm?

Thanks for reading 
Have a blessed Thursday ~

20 lovers:

  1. lucu banget hand lotionnya <3
    btw, congraaatsss dear :D

  2. Dewie : iya jeng.. haha.. baunya juga enak >.<
    thank you ♥

    erna : thank you dear >.< ♥

  3. Congrats! I love the packaging is so cute <3

  4. congrats for your winning! Jadi pengen nyoba lipbalm eos juga nii... lol postmannya lucu ya.. XD btw iya Jakarta cuacanya lgi serem hahh.. #PrayForJakarta

  5. iya.. banjir nya parah banget >.<
    moga" aja cepet surut ~

  6. this is so cute :) I really wanted to try this :)

  7. hahahah pak posnya lucu banget xD tapi emang bisa ketipu ya. nice review

    Join my first giveaway and win Thboxes accessories of your choice

  8. selamat yahhh sist :)
    lucu banget packagingnya :D

  9. I have never seen this lip balm before i love how it looks, so cute lol My favourite lip balm is Burt's Bees tinted lip balm but i love, love love my clinique chubby sticks. They feel like a lip balm, so moisturising but give colour like a lip stick, have you tried them? xx

    I now follow you on GFC, would so love you to follow me back please xx Angela xx

  10. Inge :: iyaa.. haha.. Thank you udah komen ^^

    beautify :: Thank you ^^

    Zy : aah thank you :D .. iya lucu n unique hehe >.<

    Angela : Hello.. I never try Burt's Bees, but I hear many peoples love it too.. I want to try it too >.<

    Thank you :)

  11. Aku punya lipbalm itu tp yg warna ijo, baunya kayak permen mentos :D
    Kalo yg pink baunya kyk apa yaa?

  12. packagingnya imut..daridulu penasaran..cuma bibirku gk kering" amat sekarang.beli lipbalm jg dianggurin XD yg hand lotionnya lucu jg packagingnya *banci packaging.. wkwkwkwk

  13. I love the EOS lip balms. Managed to get my hands on it when I visited the States but as far as I know they don't have them in Australia :(

  14. lucu banget yaa.. dr dulu pengen cb tp belum jadi2 sampe skrg xD

  15. dyah :: hmm.. susah describe baunya haha >.<
    cuma rasanya manis ^^

    natnat : iyaa lucu.. kecil imut kaya telor haha..

    anna : Yes, I also hard to get it on my country :(

    Rini : beli ce.. xD.. iya lucu ^^
    Thank you ♥

  16. Only one has spf and It is the lemon drop. They in the USA everywhere

    1. I mean there in the USA everywhere.

  17. Nice product,my personally comment. and Do you know
    I know a better company whose manufacture beauty product from coconut, olive oil sunflower oil,Rice
    barn oil,etc natural ingredients. so this product is so safe and secure.


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