Friday, January 18, 2013

EOS Hand Lotion Berry Blossom First Impression

EOS hand lotion berry blossom review,, EOS

Hi hi 
Finally, my second part of EOS post.. Like I said before, I got this EOS hand lotion from Christine. I won her giveaway.. Lucky me xD
I also got the EOS Lip Balm strawberry sorbet. If you curious with this wonderful lip balm, then you should check my post here.

The packaging of this hand lotion is simple but I think it has cute shape, with soft pink color >.<

EOS hand lotion berry blossom review,, EOS

As you can see there's a sticker that said this lotion was 97% natural | paraben free..  Great! Isn't it? :D

Let's go to the back of packaging ~
EOS hand lotion berry blossom review,, EOS

I got the berry blossom one.. This lotion contain 1.5 fl oz or 44 ml..
Why there is no ingredient list? O.o
Wait, did you see word "peel here" ? I peel the sticker, and I found this.. !

Ta daaa.. !!

EOS hand lotion berry blossom review,, EOS

The ingredient list.. :3
I don't know why the ingredients covered by another sticker. Funny.. Lol

EOS hand lotion berry blossom review,, EOS

EOS hand lotion berry blossom review,, EOS

The texture is just like another hand lotion or hand body. It has white milk color.
And one thing that I love so much is because it doesn't feel sticky after used it. I hate use hand body because my skin become sticky after it. But, I love this so much, just like I didn't use any cream. 

How about the smell?
aaaaa.. I loveeeee  it so much >.<
The smell is like strawberry candy.. sweet but no too strong.. love it ~

This hand lotion also soften my skin.. :D


♥ Plus point :
- Soften my skin
- the smell.. I love it so much !
- Doesn't make my skin sticky
- Makes my hands smells good.. hehe :p

♥ Minus point:
- The smell doesn't long lasting, maybe only around 2 hours..

Have you ever try this hand lotion? I'm pretty sure that you will love it !

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  1. Eos has some great products! Their lip balm looks interesting. Have you tried it?

  2. Yes, I've tried it.. and I love it :D

  3. Following you back! Thanks so much you have such a cute blog!!


  4. Her products look great, and the lotion bottle is just the right size to throw in my purse! :)

    I wanted to invite you to join our weekly weekend "Meet & Greet Blog Hop"! Come stop by and link up and join the fun if you have time this weekend. :)

  5. I didn't know EOS did hand lotions! x

  6. I never tried this one. I have been wondering if it is any good. Now thanks to you, I know it is something that might be worth buying :)


  7. Laurie : Yes it is.. It was very user friendly ^^

    bex: I used to! Until I got this one.. LOL

    Visceral :: Thank you ♥
    Nice knowing this help you...

  8. wahh , jadi pengen coba ><
    salam kenal ya cc rossy ^^

    im newbie blogger , mind for followback my blog ?

  9. Packagingnya lucu to the max!! ^__^


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