Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Search for a Trusted Seller Circle Lens?

Hi hi,

Counting down for Christmas day ! It's less than 2 weeks to celebrate the Holy Day. ~
Have you made your wishlist for Christmas day? Or maybe you want to give something tho the one that you love, maybe your best friend, your sister..

Hmm.. I'm not yet make my wish list, because it's should be a loooonggg wishlist I think.. :P
Lately I really want to try a new circle lens.. I never use it before, because I had listen many story that it could irritate your eyes.. Even, lately many FAKE Circle lens that sold by many NAUGHTY SELLER.. What they think? They want to make our eyes blind?? -_-

Yea, searching for a trusted seller is the key ! 
Do you want to search some circle lens too? Just read my post and you will know where you must buy your lens.

Pinky Paradise
Pinky Paradise is a very trusted seller.. They have sponsored many beauty blogger around the world.. Pinky Paradise not only sell circle lens, but also they provide fake lashes like Diamond lashes.. Just check out the website here ..

And don't worry, they ship WORLDWIDE.. so you can buy your favorite lens, wherever you live ^^

pinkyparadise,, circle lens

You can see their collection, based on the categories :
  by color
 by brand
 by diameter ( if you want to choose enlargement effect, then you should check this categories)
 by cosplay (if you are a cosplayer, then just check this out !)
 by effect
 by prescription (plano)

I will show you my favorite circle lens 
I'm very attracted with unique motif and also vibrant color lens..

pinkyparadise,, circle lens    

pinkyparadise,, circle lens  

pinkyparadise,, circle lens  

pinkyparadise,, circle lens

So, which one is your favorite? Share me :D

Wait, I still have one special thing for you my blog readers ^^
If you want to buy circle lens on Pinky Paradise, don't forget to put coupon code beautyfoodlife when you check out to get FREE cute animal lens case and also Mystery Gifts ! What's the mystery gifts? It's secret, so they called it mystery gifts :P

pinkyparadise,, circle lens, coupon code

pinkyparadise,, circle lens

Just make sure you don't pass this interesting promo ^^

♥ visit their website :

Thanks for reading 
and happy shopping ^^

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  1. very nice post dear :)

    Christmas is comming!
    Join giveaways on my blog and win luxurious cosmetics for you or for your friends!

  2. Thank your for this tip!^^ I've been considering Pinky Paradise quite just in case in the future I encourage me to buy cl ^^

  3. Pinky Paradise really nice...^^


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