Friday, December 14, 2012

My Giveaway Packages Finally Come

Hi hi.. Yes, it's me again ! :D
Another post from me today.. Don't worry, this will be a very very short post ~.-
Yeay.. I'm so happy today .. Two of my giveaway packages come today..^^
Actually I'm still waiting my another giveaway package.. It's already a moth, but it's not yet come :3

My first package is came from Dressed In the City giveaway.. The giveaway was sponsored by Cliphair Ltd.. Yea, I won a Full head hair clip.. I was so excited when I knew that I won.. And today the hair is on my hand.. xD

Honestly, this is the best giveaway that I ever won.. Not only because of the prize, but Elrese (Dressed In the City) and the Cliphair Team is really great..! They always follow up the giveaway winner, they help me to found the right hair color, answer my every question and also help me so I can receive this package really fast.. I receive the package only 11 days after they sent it.. 
This hair clip is worth 54.99 GBP / 93.48$ for 20 inch full head set.. The price is quite expensive for me, but it's proportional with the quality.. trust me :)

hair clip,

hair clip,

hair clip,
hair clip,

Can you see the picture above? The hair is really really soft and not looks fake because it was made from 100% human hair.. I really love this hair !

The second prize that I got is from Wet n Wild Indonesia.. I won the mega Slicks Lip Gloss.. The color is really that I want, cute soft pink..

wet n wild lip gloss,

That's all :D
I was feel so blessed.. Few days ago before I won the clip hair, I really want to try some clip hair.. Because my hair is really thin.. Out of my prediction, I could win this clip hair with the best quality.. >.<
Also I want to try some stuff from Wet n Wild.. They officially open the online Store in Indonesia few months ago.. And I never try their product.. And now I got it ^^

I will review all of this as soon as possible ^^

Hope you enjoy my short post ^^

13 lovers:

  1. Lovely winnings, congratulations ^_^

  2. Congratulations! Yaaaay I love to unwrap my giveaway's pack. I only got one in real , but three of my items are on the way :D

    Aree With Umbrella

  3. Those look nice! I want some clip ins ever since I cut my hair real short x

  4. New follower! Found your blog through the blog hop, can't wait to get to know you more :)

  5. Wow, gimana kalau dipakai? review dong :D
    Follow back ya

  6. congratz ^^ hope I can win your :)

  7. wah, suka sm hairclipnya ^^

    selamat yaaa ^^

  8. They look good, but I think ours are better. Fancy having a hair off?

  9. Are these ones expensive? I only ask because my girlfriend gets hers from Biya they offer Cheap Hair Extensions but she does have issues with the colour match.


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