Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Love Christmas Day ! ^^

Christmas tree, Christmas, Christmas eve, beautyfoodlife.blosgpot.com
*I took this photo on my favorite cafe

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Good tidings we bring to you and your kin;
Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Aww yes, finally it's Christmas day !! \(^o^)/
I super duper excited when Christmas come.. December is always become my favorite month.. 
I can feel December is month full of joy.. I love hearing Christmas song and see Christmas tree everywhere when I go to the mall.. >.<
I can't stop say thanks to God.. Because He was born.. I can't imagine how I live without Him.. I can feel His Grace everytime.. Everything that happened in my life, good or bad, it's because of His plan.. I feel so blessed 

So, how you spent your Christmas eve yesterday?
I went to the Church with my mom to celebrate the Christmas eve.. The Church become very crowded when Christmas come.. That's good, isn't it? That's mean there are more people who believe and feel thankful because of Jesus Christ.. 

After that I have a dinner with my bf yesterday.. We have dinner on our favorite Cafe.. Yes, I love this cafe so much.. I love the situation, decoration, and I love because there is a Christmas Tree.. Very rare restaurant or cafe in my city that display Christmas Tree :<
I ordered my favorite food 'Chicken Lemon Sauce' and also Tiramisu pancake as the dessert.. 

delicious food, chicken lemon sauce, Christmas, Christmas eve, beautyfoodlife.blosgpot.com

dinner, pancake, tiramise, Christmas, Christmas eve, beautyfoodlife.blosgpot.com

Today, I go to the mall with my bf again.. Actually I really want to take some picture of Christmas tree and Christmas decoration on that mall.. But, unfortunately suddenly I got stomachache because of my period -___-.. I can't bear with it.. You know how it feel when you got your period.. arrggh hope I can go to the mall again and take some picture of the Christmas atmosphere as soon as possible before they gone.. T_T 

I also decorate Christmas tree on my house.. Actually it's a mini Christmas Tree.. haha >.<

Christmas tree, Christmas, Christmas eve, beautyfoodlife.blosgpot.com

cute cat, Christmas, Christmas eve, beautyfoodlife.blosgpot.com
Say Hi to this cute cat ^^
This cat always come to my house, wait for some food.. lol..

Yeah, I love Christmas day.. ! 
How about you? How you spend your Christmas day?

Merry Christmas everyone ^^
Have a wonderful and joyful day.. 
God bless us 

Thanks for reading ^^
~ Rossy ~

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  1. seems like u had a great Christmas eve.. merry Christmas^^

  2. The food looks great hehe xD Merry Christmas! To celebrate, I've got a giveaway on my blog, its open WORLDWIDE!:)

    Belle Epoque

  3. Merry Christmas Rossy! Hope you had a wonderful day! Happy 2013 ahead! :)

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  4. Merry christmas! December is my fave month too, i'm always excited for christmas, idk why lol :#
    I miss christmas already >,<


    anyway, join my giveaway!
    win IDR50.000,- gift vouchers
    and get all stuffs with a half price! ❤

  6. merry late christmas! and happy new year! gbu and ur fam ^w^


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