Thursday, December 6, 2012

So Many Giveaway This Month

Hey hoo.. It's time for giveaway post ^^
Christmas is on the air.. So many giveaway that hosting by my local blogger is happening this month.. Hope this could be Christmas gift for everyone who win it..

Lets start
1. Quick Circle Lens giveaway by Xiao Vee 

This giveaway is open for Indonesia only and ends on 10th December.. You can win a pair of circle lens.. I hope I could win this circle lens.. I really want to try circle lens lately.. >.<

This giveaway also open for Indonesia only.. And there are 2 winners who can win this many cute stuff >.<
The first winner will selected by random and the second winner will be selected by the comment ^^

Yey, another circle lens giveaway.. ^^
There are 2 winner for this giveaway.. I really wanna try my luck on circle lens giveaway.. wish me luck xD

Another local giveaway.. She is one of my favorite local blogger.. >.<
She wanna celebrate her hundred blog followers !
The giveaway will be end on 10th December too.. ~

This giveaway open for Indonesia only.. You  still have long time to join this giveaway :D

Join this giveaway to win some beauty goodies from Shasha.. ^^
This giveaway will be end on 15th Desember.. :D

Done !
So, they all local giveaway that I'm joining.. So many giveaway.. 
And wish me luck xD

4 lovers:

  1. Wow! They're lots of giveaways! I wish I could join them but I'm not sad..anyway , Goodluck !!

  2. Yey.. Thankss.. <3
    There are so many International giveaway too that you can join ^^

  3. Great giveaways!

    Join giveaway and win circle lenses:

  4. i wish always get some from giveaway :/


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