Thursday, October 18, 2012

My 21th Birthday

Hello girls ^^
Long time I didn't update this blog.. :(

Today, I just want to share about my birthday on October 16th .. Yeah, I am 21 years old now.. Feel very old.. :( so sad..
But I'm happy with my life absolutely.. I am so blessed.. So many things happen to me for this 20 years.. :D

Okay, back to the topic.. on last Tuesday, I am very very happy, I can spent the whole times on that day with my boyfriend, and my family..
He (my boyfriend) gave me clothes, a bouquet of flowers and a birthday cake :D
Actually all that he gave to me, we bought it together :| lol.. but that's not a problem for me..

We bought the clothes on the previous day (he said, he bought that clothes the previous day, so I can use it when we have a dinner on 17th) .. I'm forgot to take picture the clothes.. :|

 Cute bouquet flower
About the flower, this is the first time he gave me a flower.. Actually I requested it :p
And after negotiate with him, already he do it.. He give me a bouquet of flowers ! Yey.. I'm so happy :D.. Though we bought it together, I let him choose for me.. And I just close my mouth and watch him confuse while he choose the flowers.. I know he is very confuse and nervous.. But that's very funny for me.. hahah :D

This is us :D 

We take the picture on the night after we and my family have a dinner... He bring a birthday cake, surprising me.. that's very cute for me when a boy give you a surprise 

♥ Me 

what i use:
Face :
Maybeline clear smooth face powder
cookie blusher Etude House

Coastal scents 88 shimmer colors
Milany liqif'eye liner black
Etude House drawing my brow ~ gray
maybeline magnum mascara

Maybeline smooth lip balm
Etude House apricot stick gloss #banana sweet

Yey ! I'm so happy for those two days.. Day full of love and happiness :D 
I hope I will be more mature and make all people that I loved happy :D

Thanks for reading 


2 lovers:

  1. Happy Birthday dear. God bless you!

    With love,
    Medina (newbie juga) mampir ya :)))

  2. thankiss dear.. :D
    I already followed your blog too..
    sama" newbie.. semangat ! lol


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