Monday, October 1, 2012

Etude House :: Precious Mineral BB cream

Finally, my first review ^^

Today I want to review my Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF30/PA++. It contains 60gr on the tube.This is the preview of the full product :D

It has 4 shades :
#N02 Light Beige
#W13 Natural Beige
#W24 Honey Beige
#W15 Sand Beige

I ever try shade No2, but it's too light for my skin color. So I try shade W13, and It's feels great ! :D
It's contain Containsadenosine & arbutin for anti-wrinkle & whitening, and the great part is it gives flawless result :D

Here's the result on my skin :)

before, without flash #W13

before, with flash #W13

After blended in my hand, very easy to blend :D

after, with flash

after, without flash

Pros :
  Easy to blend
 Has 4 shades color, so you could choose the color that suitable with your skin tone :D
  Flawless result and good cover on your face :D

Cons :
 Oily .. Sometimes, makes my face became oily, after few hours use this BB cream :| :|
  the smell. I don't really likes the smell, don't know why LOL 

Price : Cheap enough for good stuff ^^

Rate: 4/5

Repurchase : YES ^^


11 lovers:

  1. Klo white skin cocok yg mana y? aku bgung milih nya, ga prnh make product etude :P

  2. halo ^^
    kalo with skin bisa pake yang natural beige atau yg light beige.. hehe
    kalau mau aman pake yg natural beige aja, BB cream nanti warnanya ngebaur sama kulit kok ^^

  3. Aq udah beli BB cream nya ni tp kurang cocok rasae ma kulitq.. :( soale lgsg jerawatan bis make itu.. :'(

  4. wah padahal ini sing terkenal banget coverage e bagus >.<
    mungkin gak cocok ya di kulitmu.. :(

  5. wewww padahal baru aja pengen nyoba.. tapi ternyata bikin oily :( mukaku acne prone kyaknya gak bakalan cocok deh :(

  6. I tried this BB cream and really didn't care for it! I am super pale and the lightest color was still too dark :(

  7. punya banyak samplenya tp blm pernah dicoba..hehhee
    nice review dev :*

  8. Itu pump ya bentuknya, suka kalo pump gitu..
    Nice review dear ^^

  9. I really love this bb cream, don't put too much on your skin, so it won't become oily :)

  10. Does it give white cast?

  11. sometimes.. but not really.. :)


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