Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Product Review :: Proof 10 Eye Primer

Happy Tuesday all ⌒˛⌒

Are there any people out who still had a problem with eyeshadow or eyeliner which can't stand long in your eyes? I did ! I had an oily lid.. But, finally I found the solution :D
That magic thing is Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer ~ why I said 'magic'? Because it's like a magic for me, it's can make my eyeliner and eyeshadow more waterproof.. So don't be worry your eyeliner will ruin your day !  

Actually, at the first I din't believe about the magic of eye primer, until I tried it and feels the magic.. ( ‾́ .̮.̮‾̀)

 Let's see the packaging first.. ~

The packaging of Proof 10 Eye Primer

The applicator

The texture is very creamy, but didn't sticky on your eyelid

I applied it on my hand

Packaging : simple.. I love the applicator.. 

Let's start too see the magic :D

I tried using my eyeshadow La Tulipe compact eyeshadow.. I ever reviewed it.. You can read it here :D 

Left: NO primer
Right : Use primer

Result : My eyeshadow color became more pigmented when I applied eye primer before.. Though it's not too significant, but I think it's important when I apply my not pigmented eyeshadow :D

It's works great for my eyeshadow.. But, I wonder is it also works great for my eyeliner.. So I try to tested the eyeliner if I applied eye primer before ~ I used Proof 10 eyeliner BK802

Left: NO Primer
Right: Primer
Do you see that when I applied primer before eyeshadow, my eyeliner become more strong? Or maybe only my feeling, but I fell like that *LOL

I wash my hand, and rub my hand very hard.. around 8-10 times..

Result : The primer makes my eyeliner more waterproof and smudgeproof.. I'm very happy when I try this experiment, knowing that my eyeliner won't ruin my eye makeup  again.. *LOL

Conclusion :
♥ Packaging : 3/5
♥ Applicator : 4/5
♥ Result : 5/5
♥ Price : around Idr 55.000 - 88.000 ( 6$-9$)

I love this eye primer.. o(>////<)o♡
Just try it and feels the magic :D


11 lovers:

  1. Aku juga pake sis...
    Hihihiii suka banget lebih murah dari ud
    Dulu pake ud punya primer bokeeeek muaahaal...
    Solusi tepat deh pake etude...xixixi

  2. iya aq suka banget sama ini.. hehe.. Murah tapi good quality XD ~

  3. I haven't tried EH primer. I should prolly try one.
    What I'm currently using is from ELF. It works pretty good too.


  4. Owh.. I never try Elf product.. I want try it too someday.. You must try this.. this is great XD

  5. thanx for the review,.now I decide to buy it

  6. I'm using it too and also love it ^^

  7. Uwaa.. the pink eyeshadow become visible!
    Great product!

    Thanks for the review..
    I'm thinking about getting this primer!

    Please help by visit my post ^^

  8. eyeprimenya etude ok jugaa , nice post !

  9. Nice sharing! Maybe i should buy this one ^w^

  10. Helo boleh tanya beli eye primer ini dimana yah? Btw I love your blog so much! >_<


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