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Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Review

 coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,

Hi everyone :D
As you can see above, today I will review my favorite eyeshadow " Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette ".. This eye shadow palette was very well known because of it have many colors with cheap price..!
For you who doesn't love shimmer eye shadow, Coastal Scents also provide the matte one :D
I bought this last month, when the seller held a promo 10% for selected items,and I decided to bought this one.. I want to buy this since last June, but I still confuse and finally I bought this last October to celebrate my own birthday *Yey :P
That's not a mistake gave our self presents when our special day, isn't it? :P


♥ Packaging

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,

♥ Size: 22,5 x 16 cm

Note: If you wanna buy Coastal scents Palette, make sure you found the word "Coastal Scents" on the case.. There are many seller sell fake product.. The fake one, doesn't have "Coastal Scents" on the case.. So be careful :)

~ It comes with black matte case.. The case is very simple, I'm not really like it.. Be careful if you bring this palette, make sure you don't drop it, I think the case is quite fragile..
~ The size is not too big, so it's very travel friendly.. ^^
~ It comes with a quite big mirror and 2 applicators..

♥ The texture

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,

~ This eye shadow has powdery texture..
~ All of the colors are quite pigmented, as you can see above.. I just choose 3 colors to be representation.. I didn't put any primer before
~ All is shimmer.. absolutely :P

~ Has a lot of colors range
~ Cheap price with great quality
~ the colors are pigmented

~ Some of the eyeshadow has similar color.. I will give you example in the picture..

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,

~ Powdery texture.. 

The eyeshadow powder scattered around the case..

~ Hard to get in Indonesia, must buy it online.. 

As I said before that this eyeshadow is powdery, so better you use it before you apply any face make up.. Because sometimes the eye shadow fall out on your cheeks..

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,
The eye shadow fall on my cheeks..

If that also happen to you, just apply any foundation / BB cream on your cheeks to cover the unwanted shadow powder ^^

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer tips,

Actually I want to give you a tutorial using this eyeshadow, but my camera can catch the eyeshadow colors perfectly.. :|
So, I just showing you my FOTD using this eyeshadow.. ^^
Enjoy :P

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,, FOTD

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,, FOTD

coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer,, FOTD

Product that I used:
Precious mineral BB Dation W13
Face on face Nourishing blush on
Face on Face Nourishing Face powder
Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer
Etude House lip concealer
Etude house drawing my brow #gray
Etude House Apricot gloss stick #banana sweet

So, how do you think about this eye shadow palette? :D
I think it's very great and I love this so much though it's powdery, but I still can handle it :P

If you want to buy this, you can buy it on coastal scents, they still held event discount 50%.. wow ! But the shipping is very expensive :< I bought it around 28$ in Online Store..

Thanks for reading girls 

13 lovers:

  1. hai piedev ^^
    aku pernah punya palet ini tapi kujual gegara susah di blend

    apa kamu juga ngalamin kesusahan ngeblend juga?

  2. DrPoison:: thank you ! <3

    Lady Klepon:: wah.. untungnya kalau di aku ngga sih hehe.. >.<
    thank you.. :D

  3. Amazing make up! You look so pretty :)
    I would like to invite you to join my GIVEAWAY :)

  4. Blackberry:: thank you <3
    will check your blog soon ^^

  5. I have this one has amazing shimmer it..:)

  6. Great review!! I find this palette interesting. Though it has some cons, I wanna try it for it has lots of pros. I find the colors okay even though there are some that looks the same.

  7. hihihi..warnanya komplit.. tp sayang kok powdery gt ya dev :(

  8. I want coastal scent eyeshadow palette too! >o<
    Maybe I'll pick the matte one..
    Kalo punya palette ini nggak perlu palette lain yaa ^^

    thanks for the review, nice!

  9. masukin wishlist! suka banget sm shimmery eyeshadow :3

  10. Wow its look shimmer i like the matte one >.<


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