Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Product Review :: Maybelline Magnum Volume Express Mascara

Hai everyone ! It's already Tuesday (again).. Time flies so fast ~

Today I wanna share you my current favorite mascara :D
Maybe it's a late post, many beauty blogger out there already reviewed about this.. :3
But no problem, I will share it too to you :D

maybelline magnum volume express mascara

I bought this mascara last month when maybelline held discount event for the product..

Lets see the packaging closer..

maybelline magnum volume express mascara

The dominant color for this mascara are yellow and purple.. And I love the combination.. The packaging is quite simple and little fat.. 

maybelline magnum volume express mascara

It has curve wand so make it easier when you apply it on your up lashes, even on your bottom lashes.. 
And the good thing is, it's waterproof.. So don't worry if you wanna cry when you use this mascara, it won't ruin your face with the black ink :p
When I asked a question with the seller what's make this magnum different with another mascara, she said that it could makes your eyelashes looks 9x longer than your original lashes..

Let's see the truth :D
maybelline magnum volume express mascara
I applied it around 2 layers on my up lashes and 1 layer on my bottom eye lashes..

maybelline magnum volume express mascara
Flash ~ I used it too much >.<

maybelline magnum volume express mascara

And this is before after use this mascara
maybelline magnum volume express mascara
Sooo.. what do you think? I think It's cant make my eyelashes looks 9x longer, but it's could make my eyelashes looks more longer and has more volume.. The result is natural too.. I use this for daily looks.. 
And I love this :D

Thanks for reading ^^

14 lovers:

  1. My sister want it badly!! This is so cool. Maybelline opened their official stall last month here in Karachi , Pakistan. I hope we will get it on her birthday :D


  2. i also have this mascara but it's too clumpy :(

  3. aree :: wow, that's great :D.. hope she will happy with it :D

    misskatv:: yes, sometimes it's clumpy too when I put too much on my lashes >.<

  4. Omg. Pas banget. I need to buy a new maybeline mascara. I think this one is good. Thank youu for reviewing <3

  5. wah... kebetulan dong haha.. >.<
    thanksss :D

  6. This is one of my favourite :)

  7. agak clumpy yaa, tapi masih oke :D
    ikutan giveawayku disini yuk ^^

  8. Shasha :: sama cee *toss

    Margy :: iyaaa.. bagus tapi hasilnya hehe
    joined ce :D
    thankyou infonyaa :D

  9. emang worth deh ya ^^

    oh ya, aku lagi ngadain blog sale, monggo diliat liat ya ^^ http://lanilaa.blogspot.com/p/hello-guys.html

  10. i love that mascara but i prefer the pink one !

    xx Liyana

    ( I'm having a MAC giveaway on my blog open until december 5th ! )

  11. where Maybelinne put the expired date for this mascara? Aku juga baru beli tapi ga ktemu nyari2 expired datenya

  12. Thanks for sharing >.< Maybe someday i can try this ^^

  13. My mom using this and sometimes I also use this. I don't really like to use mascara, but, I know this is a good product !! :)


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