Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Liebster Award

Hi everyone :D
This is my first award ! Big thanks for Alexandra from Me and My Mockingbird for nominated me  ^_^

The rules:
  1. When you receive the award, thank the person who gave it to you and post the link to his or her blog in your blog post.
  2. Then, post eleven things about yourself.
  3. Answer the eleven questions from the person who tagged you.
  4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers whose blog has less than 200 followers, and link their pages in your post.
  5. Create eleven questions for them to answer.
*don't forget to visit their blog and tell them that you nominated them!*

Eleven things about me:
1. I'm quite a shy people when I meet new people, but I'm being insane when I'm with my best friends :p
2. I love animal so much ! Sometimes I want to pet wild animals, like tiger, monkey..
3. My dreams always changed time by time.. I don't know whats my dreams now.. My last dream I want to have my own cake store one day..
4. I love baking :D I love make some cake, cookies, cupcake .. *yumm
5. I hate animal cruel ! I often read some stories from animal rescuer how cruel people treat their animal.. :<
6. Now, I'm reach my last Semester and I'm still doing my thesis.. wish me luck :D
7. I love travelling :D
8. I have one older sister, and she married two years ago.. So now, I be the only one child in my house
9. I have 2 dogs, 1 lobi-lobi, 1 rabbit and 19 hamsters
10. I have one boyfriend :p
11. My hair type is wavy messy hair -_-

Alexandra's eleven question for me:
1. In your opinion, who's the hottest guy alive?
  • hmmm.. I don't know *LOL.. 
2. Who inspires you the most?
  • Agnes Monica.. She Indonesian artist, she has multi-talents, she could prove the worlds that she could reach her dreams.. i love her quotation "Dream, believe and make it happen" 
3. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?
  • My hair :p .. I want to have wavy sexy hair :p
4. What do you think about animal cruelty?
  • That's a big NO for me.. I hate people who did animal cruelty.. I think they don't have a feeling :3
5. What's your favorite movie?
  • Hachiko, 50 first Date, Twilight series, and many more :p
6. Do you prefer a guy or a girl as a best friend? Why?
  • Guy.. I have guy and girl best friend, but I think guy more understand me.. Don't know why
7. Do you sleep with the lights on?
  • Yes.. I can't breathe when there is no light
8. What is your favorite shade of lipstick or lipgloss?
  • Nude and pink rose
9. Who was the last person you hug?
  • My Dog ! :D
10. Is there any fashion item that you don't like? If yes, what?
  • I don't like use long dress
11. Women are bad drivers, do you agree?
  • Hmm.. maybe.. Because I can't drive :p

My question for you:
1. Which one you will choose, short hair or long hair? Why?
2. Tell me three items that you can't live without it..
3. What is your favorite brand make up?
4. From who you learn make up at the first time?
5. What is your make up style? Natural? Girly? Gothic? Describe me :D
6. If you could only use one of this tree items, which one you will choose? There are eyeliner, BB cream, lip balm.
7. What is your wishlist for Christmas day ?
8. What make up items that you have the most?
9. What thing(s) that will stopped you become a blogger in the future?
11. What do you think about 'every women must can cook'? Do you agree?

My Nominees:
1. Lyne
2. Via
3. Dita
4. Lina
5. Marsha
6. Sekar
7. Hana
8. Sonya
10. Felicia
11. Aprilia

3 lovers:

  1. thx dear and I did mine at

  2. sis, aku masukin kamu ke nominasi list LIEBSTER award yah di

  3. laura:: thankss.. will make it soon ! ^^


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