Thursday, November 22, 2012

Product Review : L'oreal Smooth-Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask

Hi everyone :D
How you treat your hair? I love to treat my hair.. I love when my hair feels soft and easy  to regulated.. I think it's very important to treat our hair.. There are a quote that said 'Hair is a woman's crown', and I absolutely agree with that =D

Lately, my hair become dull and stiff. Yea, that's my fault too because I was not treat my hair right.. I used to changed my hair color, but I was too lazy too treat it because it's spend many time.. Dx

I will introduce you my favorite hair mask.. You could find it on your local market.. L'oreal Smooth-Intense 1 minute caring mask..

L'oreal Paris smooth intese caring mask,

The packaging is just like another creambath cream.. I love the orange color.. <3

L'oreal Paris smooth intese caring mask,

Can you see the words [Smoothing Action] ? It claimed that you will get smooth result after using this hair mask.. This mask also helps you to solve your frizzy and rebellious hair.. It's very suitable for you if you have frizzy and also dry hair..

L'oreal Paris smooth intese caring mask,

The texture is creamy and it contains 200 ml..

Let's see the result after I using this for 1 weeks.. I'm using this every two days..

L'oreal Paris smooth intese caring mask,

L'oreal Paris smooth intese caring mask,

L'oreal Paris smooth intese caring mask,

Well, can you see that my before hair is very stiff and it's become smoother after I using this in one week.. <3

What I love
✿ I don't need to waste my times to wait while I'm masking my hair. You only need 1 minute to leaves it on your hair ! Not like others hair mask cream, you must leaves it for 5 minutes or even more.. For me it's very wasting my times.. Do nothing in my bathroom, only for waiting my hair treatment.
✿ It has nice scent.. After using this my hair become  more fragrant.. <3
✿ Easy to find on my local store..

What I get after using this
✿ This is my first week using this, I'm not feel significant differences , but my hair feels softer when I touched it.. I know, it's need times, not instant result.. I will update you the result, maybe each week, or every month =D

What I hate
✿ The scents doesn't stay long on my hair.. :3

✿ Yes ! This mask is very worth to buy, you can also buy the sachet size if you wanna try it first.. The sachet price is around Idr.4000 (4$) and the full size price around Idr. 40.000 (40$)

Hopefully my hair will getting better, after this treatment =D
Thanks for reading ;)

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  1. great review!
    I also did a hair treatment review~
    check it out:)

  2. I might try out some Loreal hair masks too! It looks great!:)
    I'm a new follower, follow back?:)

    Belle Epoque

  3. Lia:: yes, you must try it then ^^
    Actually I already followed your dear hehe,,

    Thank you for visiting <3

  4. loreal is owned by a lot of great hair care brands so i wasn't surprised much.. i love KERATASE (which is owned by loreal) =]

  5. wow, harganya terjangkau banget dan patut dicoba nih ^^!!!

  6. I have tried many of the Ever Pure, EverStrong, and EverSleek products and none of them worked well for my long, fine, heat damaged hair. My makeup artist recommended using the Shielo Smoothing Shampoo with the Shielo Hair OIl and its MUCH BETTER. My hair feels healthy and strong but still has body and bounce ~ a tough combination to find. And, Shielo does NOT use harmful chemicals like Loreal.


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