Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good News and Bad News

Hello.. Another random post today.. I have good news and bad news today..

The good news is my Syrian Hamster gave a birth a few weeks a go.. And the babies now have growing up and ready to be separate from their mother..

I will show you my new baby Syrian .. They are very cute.. Thy have a pig nose.. LOL
Because they have red nose like a pig.. :p

The triplets

They have same colors >.<

I put them in plastic box, because I'm still cleaning their cage

Cute sleep position >.<

2 girls and 1 boy

They looks a lot like their mother.. They are very cute , aren't they? >.< 
Actually my hamster have 8 babies, but only 3 left..
This is the good news..

Now is time for the bad news :(






can you see at the picture? She looks very pale.. All of her body became blue.. Her red nose, foot.. All became pale and blue...
Suddenly one of the babies died ! She died without any reason :(
She didn't looks sick or unhealthy before .. She looks happy and very agile.. 
I don't know why she died.. :(
Maybe because of the extreme weather or another reason.. Some of my hamster got sudden death too.. :(
Is this ever happen to your hamster too? I hope I could solve this problem as soon as possible.. So no more hamster die..


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  1. one of my hamsters (now they're all dead -___-) died because of the extreme weather that occured at that time. make sure they have enough water and food, because sometimes hamsters fight each other and the fight may end killing one. i dunno what they were fighting for, like, the foods left still a lot! nothing to fight for rite? 0.0

    and oh, if you put 3 hamsters in one cage especially for those which are siblings, the possibilities of fighting to dead is VERY BIG.
    all of my hamsters dead in the fight, and the last ones usually dead with signs of choked. err.
    better split them up!!!!

  2. i have syrian too. They have cute sleep pose.^^
    my syrian gave birth 9 babies, but 2 of them died when they're one day old. what a pity your syrian died when they more bigger and hairy :(

    **Sorry for my bad english

  3. Olin : yeah the weather is going crazy now :3 .. My problem is seems like yours.. They still have a lot of food, but they eat another hamster -_-.. Okay, I will separate it soon.. Thanks for your advice :D

    Tika : Yes.. they face very cute face XD
    Wow.. your syrian have so many babies.. not like mine .. err :|
    Yea.. I'm very sad yesterday >.<
    Thankss :D


  5. aaa.. iyaa.. haha.. cute kalau masi kecil.. kalau udah besar jadi beda wkwk


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