Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine for Animals :: Share Your Love to Our Little Friends

Hello everyone.. Late night post here.. haha
I won't post something that related with beauty tonight..

I want to share about Valentine's day event that held by Animal Friends Jogja.. 
Share the love not only for other peoples, but you can do it for animals too.. Many animals can't feel love because of many peoples did animal cruelty..
I always feel sad when I see victims of animal abuse.. They can't do anything when someone hurt them :(

animal need adopter,, valentine for animal, cute animal

So, if you want to help our little friend, you can join this event.. Just a little things to show your love and give them some spirit to keep alive..

Animal Friends Jogja hold an event named Valentine for Animal (V4A).. This even will be hold start from 12th February until 16th February 2013..
You will also get some special 'love letter' for every donations..

I will paste the rules :

How to donate and join this Valentine's day program ?

it's easy. Just follow these steps:
1. Pick an Animal to support from this photo:
2. Donate
3. Ask (if necessary) and Confirm your donation (state your name, chosen animal, and donation amount) to / +628562930912 (sms only)

4. We'll check and send you the letter by the end of the month   

This is the animals that you could help.. they are so cute, aren't they? 
I don't understand why peoples left them, even hurt them :'(

Jack got blind because some peoples throw stone to him.. :(
Cunil has been found on garbage with one eye blind..
So many animals left because peoples get bored of them or find the newer and more beautiful pet.. -_-
animal need adopter,, valentine for animal, cute animal
(open image in the new tab to enlarge)

If you want to know more about this event or want to participate, you can visit their FB page here, or visit their website..

Note : If you're not live in Indonesia, you can participate too !
They open this event for everyone in the world.. :)
You can also help them by adopt and give them more beautiful and warm life ^^

If you can't adopt/foster, you can donate.. If you can't donate, you can spread the world and help them to get a better life :)

Thanks for reading 

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  1. Adorable. What a kind idea.

  2. Hi friend, I am Eve Adams of blogger and I have posted your inspirational Christian blogger quotes on my blog. Feel free to visit there and check your backlinks also.
    By the way, nice blog you have here. Good luck to us.

  3. This is beautiful! Following you now.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I've done some animal rescue and it really is heartbreaking. I love my cat so much, I can't imagine ever letting her go.


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