Monday, May 6, 2013

One Day Vacation :: Marina Beach Semarang

Hello guyss.. Sorry for been MIA lately.. I'm so busy for seeking a job.. Attend many job fair. haha.. Hope I can find my dream job soon >.<

So, yesterday I and my Boo went to Marina Beach. We plan to jogging in the early morning and see a sunrise. 
 If you don't know about Marina Beach, Marina Beach was located at North Semarang City. To enter Marina Beach, you need to pay 3.500,- Idr per person. 
It takes around 30 minutes from my house.

But, when we arrived at Marina Beach, there are some unexpected thing, the Beach is still on under construction.. -_-
So we canceled jogging, and decided to see sunrise and taking some photos..

So enjoy my picture Spam ^^

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,

See the sky! Soooo~~~ pretty , isn't it ? ;)

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,

The sun is rising !

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,

The sun is hiding on the tree branches

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,,boo, bamz simsons, bambang cahyo sugiarto

My Boo 

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,,girl,rossyana dewi octayani,piedev

Dunno what I'm thinking about.. lol

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,,girl,rossyana dewi octayani,piedev

My Sleepy Face :D

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,

The Water System

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,,tiger statue

The Tiger Statue

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,,piedev

Looks like I was on forest :p
btw, my hair looks so horrible here :|

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,,rossyana Dewi Octayani,piedev

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,

There are many food seller there

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,,bamz simsons,boo,bambang cahyo sugiarto,riders,motorcycle,vixion

My BOO and his second girlfriend :p

sunrise,beach,marina beach semarang,

Fisherman and their boat

If you visit Semarang, make sure you visit Marina Beach.. There are many beautiful scenery there :)
You can also rent a boat to round the beach..

I have so much fun on my one day vacation :D 
Thank you for reading ^^

Hope you enjoy my post ~


5 lovers:

  1. Omaigat Dev, kamu orang semarang toh? Seharusnya isa ketemu yak, dua minggu lalu aku ke semarang lho T.T. nangisss.. bulan depan kayaknya ke semarang lagi.. ketemuan yukkkk :)

  2. foto mataharinya bagusss beuud <3

  3. Orang semarang juga toh.. Wah aku yg rumahnya deket marina aja belom pernah mampir.. Hihi.. Salam kenal yaa

  4. Hatta shani :: Iyaa.. so cool yaa.. ahhaha :p

    Sherly :: Iya aku orang Semarang :D
    wahhh.. masa blm pernah? hehe.. aku juga jarang" ke sana :p
    Salam kenal ^^

  5. ce Ha na :: iyaa.. aku orang Semarang nihhh ce hahhaa ~ oo iya? :o
    wah sayang g tau kalau ke sini >.<
    main" sini lagi ce :p


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